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Doe Deere’s Love For Others Drives Her Company

It’s not very often that a person enters the business world and immediately starts turning heads in a big and bold way. That’s exactly what happened the moment Doe Deere decided that she wanted to start her own makeup business. She already had bold ideas and a bold appearance to go along with it. She just knew that she couldn’t be the only person out there with a passion for bright and colorful makeup. That’s how she knew something had to be done and thus was born Lime Crime.


Deere started Lime Crime simply out of a need for a certain product. She realized that there was a large variety of makeup out there but surprisingly none was quite what she was looking for. Deere needed colors and textures that would make her stand out in a crowd. She wanted blues, pinks, glitter, and more. She couldn’t find that anywhere! That’s when she realized that other people were probably looking as well and thus was born Lime Crime.


Deere didn’t start Lime Crime to make a profit. She started it because she truly believes makeup is an art. Artists deserve to have all the best colors available. That’s not the case with makeup and many makeup companies. They only sell colors that they think the masses will consume. These are typically reds and pinks for lipstick and browns and tans for eyeshadow. Deere knew there were so many more colors out there that needed to come in the form of makeup! That was one of the driving forces behind Lime Crime.


Deere has also seen a lot of success in the business world because she treats everyone with respect and love. She understands others and therefore helps to boost them up instead of tear them down, especially if they are other women trying to start up a business. Deere also treats her employees kindly because she understands that they are the backbone to her company. Deere treats her customers well because she understands that they are truly what drives her company. Therefore she just wants to make them happy. She does what she can to listen to their needs and manufacture products based off of it. Deere just wants to create makeup that pleases everyone. That’s why she has such a large variety of colors and products. That’s also why her products are vegan-friendly. She never wanted to exclude anyone when it came to her company.