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Handy- Hip Home Services for Busy Professionals

Companies like Lyft and Uber have become a mainstay for young professionals in the big city. Handy is breaking into this new method of reaching the market for housekeeping and other home related services with its convenient, hip, online booking service. With over 10,000 jobs per month at the latest count, it is taking off in urban areas like Boston, New York City, and Chicago, as well as expanding into Canada.

Booking a cleaning with Handy is easy and convenient, requiring just a few details like the rooms needing cleaning, the location, and the time the cleaning should happen. The appointment can be as early as the following day, perfect for last-minute rushes that so many busy people find themselves in.

Handy’s vigorous screening method, including background checks and interviews of its professional housekeepers, means that many cleaners do not make the cut. It’s a win-win situation says Eco Hustler UK, as independent contractors get the reputation and professional image of a large company with deep pockets, and consumers are freed from the paperwork and hassle involved in hiring household help. Another positive for both client and contractor is the Handy payment system, eliminating the need for cash payment, it’s as easy as swiping a card.

Housecleaning is not the only bread on Handy’s table. As it has grown, it has added many more services including plumbers, electricians, movers, picture hangers, and even furniture assembly. Their model of first offering housecleaning builds rapport and gives the customer the comfort level to take the next step of entrusting the care of all things house related to Handy.

Handy was started by two Harvard Business School graduates. Don’t let the prestigious education fool you, however, the founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua were hand-in-the-trenches types. Investors were impressed that the pair would go on cleaning jobs themselves, to learn as much about the market as possible.

Looking forward, Handy has stayed strong, despite the failure of similar modeled housekeeping companies, and it bodes well for them to become a major company in the market.




Handy Cleaning Services is Amazing

Sometimes there are no words for a company like Handy. I could say that this company is delightful, but that doesn’t seem to be strong enough to describe Handy. I could use the word amazing, and that certainly comes close to how I feel, but that still doesn’t get the point across. I literally have no words in the dictionary to describe just how joyful I am to get my life back.

I have a big home, and I used to spend so much time cleaning up. It was a nightmare. I always envisioned a big home and a lot of beautiful rooms for my family to dwell in. I never thought about all the time that it would take to clean a home this big. Over the years I have found myself getting too tired to clean my home after work. That is why I was elated to discover Handy Cleaning Services. I think that this is the company that has saved me from a lot of long nights of cleaning. I can relax more with my family now that I have some of my time back.

What has made a real difference is the work that Handy is able to do during the spring cleaning time of year. I go through all the family junk. I see things that we haven’t used in several years and wonder why are we still holding on to these things. I get around to sorting through stuff, but the rest of my house would be neglected in the past because I was too busy sorting through our junk. Since I discovered Handy I know that I can get help from these contractors for things like making a bed while I throw out old magazines and make clothing donations to Goodwill.

I like the help that I get from Handy, and I am certain that other people around the globe are reacting with great jubilation to what Handy has done. I think that Handy has become a powerful force in the cleaning industry, and many people are going to appreciate what Handy does.

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