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Keeping Customers Happy is Handy Inc.’s Secret to Success

“Learn from how Handy Inc. expands its brand, Grasshopper.” The home cleaning niche is quite competitive with one failure, possibly leading to complete disaster. That might be why Handy Inc. expanded into furniture delivery. It has diversified its bottom line and established the possibility for scalability.

“Simple $49 Flat Fee”

You don’t need to hire your own movers, when you get Ikea furniture delivered, just call Handy Inc. This move provides a number of benefits for Handy Inc., including diversification, more contact points and improved margins. The overall customer base can be expanded with this expansion.

Scalability is now available when the firm adds new services to its basic menu. Other failed firms, such as Homejoy had failed to satisfy this scalability feature. That might be why Helpling decided not to acquire Homejoy.

“Healthy Handy Statistics”

Handy Inc. has more than $1 million booked per week and around 100,000 bookings each month. An estimated 80% are from the most valuable repeat users. Handy Inc. is continuing to turn heads and raise more capital, by conducting business, “the right way.” Handy allows its customers to book online ( in 60 seconds and offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Its customers are raving – “By far the best home cleaning I’ve ever had! The cleaner was on-time, professional and left my place spotless!” said Anna from New York. The firm has been promoted on CNBC, Bloomberg and in the New York Times. Handy keeps on making its customers happy, no matter their needs. That is their secret to success.