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Matt Badiali’s Days at Work

Everyone is on the race of finding ways to earn an extra income. We all admit coming up with ideas that are promising and have low risks of failing can be tough. However, most of the times the problem is that many people are not open to new ideas. Most individuals are rigid and are not ready to try new things. Matt Badiali says that when growing up, he saw his father struggle with business ideas and trying to bring them to life. Helping others avoid this struggle, is one of the greatest opportunity Banyan Hills Publishing offered him.

Matt Badiali has not always been an editor. He studied Geology in the University. When he was acquiring his Ph.D., he met a finance guru. The latter was trying to come up with ideas to help the ordinary investor, and he thought Badiali’s knowledge on Natural Resources would significantly assist in making this happen. That is how Badiali got into the world of finance. He says that Natural Resources investments are very speculative and one needs to have the right information to be successful.

Matt Badiali has been able to attract many investors in his column. Some of them have shown their gratitude by thanking him through his social media pages. Badiali says that having a schedule significantly contributes to his productivity at work. Badiali wakes up at 6:30 am to watch the news to know any upcoming news in the finance industry and watch the weather as well. He then takes breakfast with his daughters and drives them to school.

Matt Badiali gets to the office by 8 am and uses this time to write because his very productive during this hours. In the afternoon, he answers calls and attends meetings. While at work, he focuses on one thing at a time by shutting down all the distractions, an act that has helped him accomplish a lot and hit deadlines in time.

Matt Badiali says that one of the ways he has confirmed successful in creating long-term clients is over delivering. Always give your customers more than they expect. It shows you care about them as well besides what you gain from them.


Ted Bauman: Causes of Stock Market Crashes

Economist Ted Bauman is sounding the alarm and is calling for a stock market crash of at least seventy percent. Most traders on Wall Street would disagree because they feel that US stocks still have a long way to run. However, Ted Bauman feels that stock prices are way overvalued and believes investors should start to adopt more defensive investing strategies. Mr. Bauman earned his history and economics degrees while living in South Africa. Over the years he has become an expert on low-risk investment strategies. He currently writes three newsletters that have enabled his subscribers to make better financial decisions. He’s now advising his followers to beware of several factors that can cause a stock market crash in the near future.

One factor that could cause the stock market to crash is higher interest rates. Ted Bauman and other prominent economists feel that the US economy cannot handle higher interest rates. So far the Federal Reserve believes the US economy is very strong and they plan to continue to hike rates for the next few years. Higher interest rates are going to make it harder for the federal government to service the national debt. Many individuals and corporations will also have a hard time with their debt obligations as well. These factors could slow down the economy. Many investors will leave the stock market and will go to the bond market when yields become more attractive. This will result in downward pressure for the US stock market.

Ted Bauman also believes that the trade war between China and the United States could eventually bring down stock prices in the US. The Trump administration has placed tariffs on Chinese exports and the Chinese government has responded with its own tariffs in retaliation. The Chinese could retaliate further against US multinational companies who rely on business with China. Losing this business will cost billions in revenue for these companies and the share price of many of these companies will be hurt as a result. Many individuals feel that the trade war could push the world into a global recession if China and the US don’t come to terms.

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Gareth Henry, an entrepreneur

Henry joined Fortress Investment Group in 2007. He worked as a managing director at the firm. His primary principal was to lead the marketing efforts and maintain healthy relations for all Fortress Liquid markets that are all over the world. Prior attaining this position, he served in London, United Kingdom as the boss of the global investor relations. He created client relationships and also raising capital for fortress investment group mainly in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Working at Fortress assisted Gareth Henry got to gather all the necessary experience that he needed to manoeuvre the industry. Before, he had worked at the Schroders Company in the United Kingdom. He was a strategic solutions director. His responsibility was to advise the clients on all the optional investment plans that the firm was offering.

It’s been years now for Gareth serving in the most prominent financial Investment groups in the world. He attended a certain interview and he had so much to say. He advised all the young financial and business experts that were upcoming to go slower, but make sure that they make the right steps. Making a wrong decision might cost them their career. However, there is always a room for learning and making improvements.

In the industry, one is required to make very critical decisions. A financial and business professional has to be creative. One will make decisions that won’t be appealing to others, but you have to believe in yourself. In a financial industry, clients are the kings. Gareth Henry makes frequent meetings with clients so that he can get more information on what they want. Satisfied clients is a win for the organization.

Gareth Henry is well educated. He went to the University Of Edinburgh, Scotland. He pursued a degree in actuarial mathematics. This is a course that many avoid. They would never attempt to enrol in such a class. Right from a young age, Gareth Henry was a smart young man. It’s with no doubt why he went for actuarial mathematics.

Gareth’s presence at Fortress Investment Group was noticed back in 2011. He was named among the list of the 30 rising professionals. The star was awarded for his zeal and effort in the organization. The awards were organized by Hedge funds.

David McDonald- His role at OSI Group

OSI Group is an international enterprise that deals with the production of food products. The operations of the company in different countries is diversified. Depending on the taste and preferences of the people, the company produces different products. Currently, the food company is employing over 20,000 people globally and has operations in 17 countries where it has also established over 65 production facilities. OSI Group is not a small company by any estimation. According to the Forbes list, OSI Group ranks number 58 out of the top 100 private companies in the United States with an estimated value of $6.1 billion.

David McDonald has played a significant role in the global expansion of the OSI Group. His influence has mostly been in the growth of the company in Asia. He has also played a key role in the acquisition of food companies in Europe. In the past few years, OSI Group has acquired some top companies in Europe such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Baho Foods is a Dutch company while Flagship Europe has been renamed Creative Foods.

David McDonald is the right person for this job since he has been in the industry long enough to experience the changes which have taken place. Even before he joined OSI Group, he had experience in the food industry. He had worked with government agencies, local and international retailers while he was in Iowa.

Right from his childhood, David McDonald was brought in a farm setup. Although it would not be expected that a farm boy would have an opportunity to lead a global conglomerate, he has proved that anything is possible. He was, however, lucky to have had experienced in food chain supply at a young age. It helped him manage to get started at OSI Group.

David McDonald has been a key assistant to the CEO. Sheldon Lavin who has been part of this company for the past four decades has enjoyed working with McDonald since he knows that even in his absence, the company will still be performing well. Together, they have worked on projects that have made OSI Group the global firm it is today. They have stuck with best practices of the food industry, and their efforts have paid off handsomely.

Dr. Mark McKenna, Real Estate and Cosmetic Treatments

Dr. Mark McKenna is both a businessman and doctor. He’s in the middle of putting together an app that’s reminiscent of Uber as well. He’s in the middle of many other things in his expansive career. Young S. Mark McKenna had an unpleasant thought while he was studying at Tulane Medical School located in New Orleans, Louisiana. He thought that earning a significant amount as a physician wouldn’t be a simple task. Dr. Mark McKenna finished his education at the end of the nineties. He decided against staying in the field of medicine then, though. He took that time to construct a New Orleans real estate practice. Hurricane Katrina was a major disaster in 2005. This was tough for Dr. Mark McKenna as well. That’s because it resulted in a substantial financial catastrophe for him. He said goodbye to millions in what seemed like the blink of an eye. Dr. Mark McKenna took the time to put his firm back together. He, despite that, terminated it a while after that. He relocated to Atlanta in Georgia.

This doctor has been taking on something fresh and thrilling as of late. It’s called “OVME.” Dr. McKenna wants to see cosmetic medical facilities all around the United States have the cooperation of a helpful app. He likes the idea of an app that essentially operates like Uber service that’s dedicated to people who are in need of Botox. People who are looking to minimize indications of the aging process often make the decision to get Botox injections. These injections can assist people with forehead lines, crow’s feet and more.

Adam Milstein; the Jewish Philanthropist

Adam is a Jewish philanthropist who is a native of Israel. From an early age, he understood that hard work and success were related. Adam served during the Yom Kippur War and after that graduated from the Technion. Mr. Milstein has an MBA from USC. After finishing his studies, he began a career in the Commercial Real Estate in 1983. Adan Milstein is currently serving as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

Mr. Milstein Identifies the importance of Jewish values he being a Jew. His strong beliefs let to the Sifriyat Pijama B’America foundation which he co-founded with his wife. The organization focuses on educating Israeli-Jewish-Americanfamilies in the United States on the importance o Jewish values. The company provides free monthly books in Hebrew to children. His philanthropic work fosters the strengthening of Jewish people and that for one to be part of the solution, one needs to understand the problem and review the issue. Adam and Gila supports a couple of organizations through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It is from such ties Mr. Milstein reveals that spending money, or rather having dinner with his family as very important to him.

Adam Milstein knew from a young age that he wanted more than just being employed. Many recruiters offered him less than he deserved when compared to his experience and knowledge. Mr. Adam was driven to go out on his own and work as a Real Estate Commercial Broker;he supports that businessmen should always follow their leads. After three successful years, he ventured into becoming an investor in real estate.

Mr. Milstein believes that entrepreneurs should be persistent and consistent in their endeavors and credits his partner as to being a visionary and great thinker with a positive influence on his thinking. A failure he experienced as an entrepreneur was trying to make a fortune over a short period.Success cannot be achieved through the quick way but rather the long way. This can be demonstrated on the occasion where he bought alarge amount of inventory to sell after the sale of a few art pieces proved to be successful.



Adam Milstein is one of the most exemplary American-Israeli community leader and philanthropist. Moreover, he is a dynamic real estate advisor and investor. In fact, he is one of the Managing Partners of Hager Pacific Properties. This is a commercialized real estate private firm.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel. He had the opportunity of participating in the Yom Kippur War while serving the Israel Defense Forces. In 1978, the philanthropist graduated from Technion. In 1981, he immigrated to America. In 1983 he was in Southern California and it is here that he launched his career in Real Estate as a Commercial Broker. This is immediately after he attended the University of Southern California and attained his Entrepreneurship MBA. After working successfully in this capacity for three years, he decided to broaden his horizons in Real Estate Investment.

Adam Milstein attributes his success in entrepreneurship to being persistent, consistent, following up, tackling tasks on his own, his passion for philanthropy and integrity. He enjoys working and he believes the fluctuating nature of the real estate world is exciting. The entrepreneur makes his ideas materialize by pushing his agenda. Mr. Milstein believes that employers shouldn’t rely on their employees and that they should always reflect on an issue and understand it before coming up with a solution. The self-driven realtor works very hard and he never listens to criticism. He also advises upcoming realtors that it takes a few years to make money in the industry. Mr. Milstein learned one of his biggest lessons in business while he was still in school. This is after an art selling business turned sour.

Apart from his established career in real estate, he is also on the board of numerous influential organizations. These organizations include StandWithUs, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Jewish Founders Network, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships, and Israel on Campus Coalition among others. In addition to this, the realtor is the National Chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. Mr. Milstein is the chair of the national expansion of this established body. Moreover, the philanthropist and his wife also co-founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This philanthropic organization supplies free Hebrew books every month to Israeli-American families of Jewish descent. These books teach Jewish ideals to over 15,000 eager families.