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Billionaire Wes Edens Invests Major Stakes in the Sports and Transports Industries

Wes career at Fortress Investment Group

Since its establishment in 1998 by Wes Edens alongside two others, Fortress Investments Group has risen to become a pacesetter in the investments industry across the United States. Before the formation, the trio had extensively worked for well-known corporations such as the Lehman Brothers, UBS, BlackRock Management Firm and Goldman Sachs where they gathered extensive knowledge in business formation and administration. Armed with the exquisite experience, they embarked on setting up the private equity firm in a bid to offer an alternative asset management strategy.

The firm was listed on the global map in 2017 when it became the first privately owned equity firm to go public at the New York Stock Exchange. Since then, Fortress Investment Group has become a force to reckon, with its net worth skyrocketing to a tune of $32.6 billion, accrued from an initial investment of $400 million. Under the stewardship of Wes Edens, the company controls assets worth $43 billion on behalf of at least 1750 investors.

Wes Edens Establishes Privately Owned Train

Road transport across Florida has been a thorn in the flesh for majority residents in the States. This mode of transportation is adversely unreliable due to the distractions meted upon commuters if and when an accident occurs or during rush hour where traffic snarl-ups become the norm. However, the establishment of a privately-owned train system by Wed Edens has eased the movement of people and goods across the streets of Florida to Miami and Lauderdale. The system has gone down in history as the only privately owned railway transport system in America. The train dubbed, Brightline, cruises at breathtaking speeds of 80 miles per hour. Apart from being supersonic, the system offers a wide range of costs ranging from as low as $10 to $15 based on the commuters’ needs, and an inbuilt Internet system that gives passengers the opportunity to access the outside world.

Mr. Edens to Acquire a 55% Stake of Aston Villa Football Club

Despite co-owning Milwaukee, a baseball club, Wes Edens is taking over the sports industry with a boom. His quest to own and run an internationally recognized soccer club has steered him to acquiring enormous stakes at the Aston Villa Soccer Club, whose ground is based in England. The English Premier League commands a massive following across the globe with thousands trooping in stadia to watch the prestigious games, while millions stream through live coverage. Wes Edens seeks to aid the club bounce back to the top-flight league. Billionaire Sawiris, Edens to Buy Aston Villa Soccer Club

Contributions made by Tony Petrello through his charitable acts

Since the existence of energy companies, most of the oil executives have always been defined by vain and greed. Despite this negative public image, Tony Petrello is quite atypical of such characters. Many claim that his uniqueness is due to his position as the CEO of Nabors, but it is a virtue he developed long before he won the position.

His philanthropic deeds are traced back since he started earning his cash. This virtue is said to have continued growing in him and even more after the birth of his premature daughter. He has since then acted as an example of a leader with a generous attitude always aimed at helping charitable institutions.

Many people who know him recognize him as an international figure who is always humble and down to his knees. Before becoming the CEO of Nabors industries, he had worked in the institution since 1991. All this time his staff mates at Nabors recognized him as a committed man and one who has driven the company in a positive direction through his contributions.

More to this, he is said to have always been responsible for any task committed to him. Through these virtues, he is said to have been the man behind pushing the oil company to new heights up beyond their competitors.

In his previous track record, Tony has been featured offering both emotional and financial support to scientific researchers majorly in the medical community. He is said to have already made a donation of $5 million and even made an additional pledge of over $2 million at Texas Children’s Hospital.

He made the donations in collaboration with his wife Cynthia which he believes it will help the children with advanced treatment. This is by helping them access health services from world’s leading specialists along with bringing new research to fruition.

When questioned on his willingness and frequent charitable cases he relates the driving power to his daughter. He says that he always sees it as a blessing watching his daughter eat and even take her breakfast. His daughter has remained as standing testimony unlike other children.

Carena just started chewing food for her first time at the age of seven. To those who have had an engagement with Tony before, defines him as a man worth envy and admiration from his inspirational level of success. They also recognize him as a humble and honest man that deserves what he earns.

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Work and Fun – Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a unique idea which helps you earn by hosting events and managing them.

It is one of the best From-Home Job one can do. Wine Tasting is the major event that happens regularly. You can join as a wine guide where you can earn as much as you want according to the work you do.

The best part of Traveling Vineyard is the 5F’s feature which is as follows:

1. Flexibility – No fixed number of hours, work as much as you want to and earn money accordingly. No fixed reporting time, no schedules , It’s all up to you. Ain’t it unique?

2. Financial Reward – Money is the main motive why people work but earning money from home and having so much fun was never possible! You can work part time to earn some extra bucks or work full time to replace your job and earn a handsome amount.

3. Fun – Getting paid to taste Wines, best deal one can get. You’ll attend many wine tasting events and get to learn some interesting facts about wine.

4. Fulfillment – The amount of satisfaction you get after you receive your income is beyond this world. Earning some extra money and using it for smooth running of house and family is quite fulfilling and besides money it helps you gain confidence and be proud of your achievements.

5. Friendship – While attending so many wine tastings and many times hosting them, you get to meet new people, share ideas and discuss them. This whole process gives you many life long friendships.

Traveling Vineyard is a 100% Genuine company which delivers on time payments to its members and makes you make money while enjoying life.

Dress Like Fab Kate Hudson in Fabletics On-Trend Active Wear

Kate Hudson is one of the fine actresses who not only looks gorgeous but admits to an active lifestyle to stay in shape. She also happens to sell some of the cutest leggings out there and tons of amazing sportswear at her online subscription retailer known as Fabletics. The star co-founded the company, hoping to build a global community of women who “live their passion.”

Kate Hudson’s mission is getting there, with already one million-plus Fabletics VIP members worldwide. Her active wear includes cute dresses you can wear out on the town, as well as adorable yoga pants, crop tops, perfect sports bras and a lot more. Being a Fabletics VIP member brings you excellent perks and wonderful offers.

Kate Hudson told Elle magazine in an interview at that every women can adopt a fit, healthy lifestyle by beginning slowly. Whether it’s signing up for a yoga class, starting to run or even walk around the block, staying active helps you feel and look better. When you’re wearing the best-looking, on-trend active wear, that also makes a major difference, and Fabletics has become the leader in this fashion role.

Kate Hudson is always making someone’s best dressed list, even when it’s off the red carpet. She happens to own lots of leggings, and when she was interviewed by Marie Claire, Hudson said she has designed them in beautiful prints and colors. Now, you can copy her star style when you shop online by raiding the closet of Kate’s fitness favorites.

Every month, Kate Hudson let’s the Fabletics community browse through her favorite active wear pieces at Kate’s Picks. As a VIP member, you will see those prices slashed, sometimes in half, and talk about the on-trend style. You will see gorgeous prints, cute cut-outs and bold, happy shades that get you noticed, and best of all, the comfort level is high. You can bend in Fabletics without showing the goods to the world. Her active wear pieces are built with figure-flattering stretch but never with anything constricting.

Looking great with clothing that fits your budget is a concern most of us have, and that’s why women quickly fall in love with Fabletic’s online shopping subscription. Fabletics’ entire collection enjoys a high profile presence on social media, namely on Twitter. The brand boasts a strong 18,775 followers with 15,884 tweets and counting.

Fabletics is based in Los Angeles where all the design and details are done in-house.

George Soros: It’s Time To Bet Against the Stocks And Bank On The Gold

George Soros is a billionaire worth $24.9 billion according to Forbes Magazine’s rank of the world’s billionaires. He is the current chairman of the Soros Fund Management LLC and self-made billionaire through market speculation. Soros is both a citizen of Hungary and United States, married and with five children. George Soros was born in Hungary and later fled to England in 1947 where he went to school and graduated with Bachelor of Arts/Science, from the London School of Economics.

Soros Fund Management went through significant changes last year when the former CEO Scott Bassett, who after running the company for four years on, left and started his company referred to as Key Square Group with a $2 billion seed capital from his former boss George Soros. Ted Burdick is now the current CEO, and he is a longtime supporter of the liberal causes same as George Soros, who have donated millions of dollars to super PACs supporting Hilary Clinton for president. The latest figures in contribution amounted to $8 million both to Action super-PAC and Priorities USA.

George Soros started his hedge fund with $12 billion in 1969 which was later re-branded to Quantum Fund. He is known to make a significant amount of wealth through market speculation and predicting the direction of the financial market which affects the way he makes his decisions. One of them is the recent move to reduce his holding in the U.S.-listed stocks to place his bet in the gold market. This decision was influenced by the fact that China’s economy is doing badly at the moment, and he predicts that there is a looming financial crisis.

During the first quarter, sold purchased the world’s largest gold miner, Barrick Gold shares worth $264 million. George Soros, also commonly referred to as “the man who broke the Bank of England”, purchased 1.1 million shares of SPDR Gold ETF, which mirrors the price of gold. Recently, gold prices tend to rise in price significantly because people are afraid of the stock market, and the precious metal is being viewed as a “safe haven” for investments. In this year alone, the price of gold has risen by more than 20%.

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The $264 million worth of shares purchased from Barrick represented 1.7 percent shareholding from the company held by George Soros. Soros’s prediction that China’s debt-fueled economy could fail because the level of uncontrollable debt is not sustainable for the country is largely what has influenced the recent move. According to Soros, China is going through the same warning signs experienced the U.S. before the financial crisis of 2007/2008. So far the gamble played by Soros seems to be working as Barrick shares have more than doubled this year as the miner reduces its cost and the recent efforts to reduce the debt. Barrack has gained in value by 39 percent since March 31.

Eric Pulier Keeps The X Prize Fire Alive

The X Prize was the first major prize in technology that actually asked people to reach a goal that seemed unattainable. The X Prize has a committee that includes technolgy guru Eric Pulier, and he uses his work with the X Prize to encourage people to create the best technology for people around the world. He wants all these people to think outside of the box, and that is why he is involved with the prize even to this day.

The first thing that most people need to know about the X Prize is that it is going to do more than get people into space. Eric Pulier knows that there is a lot more technology that has been created as a result of extended research, and he wants to see people come before the X Prize committee every year with their projects and many other things that they created just because it occurred to them in the lab. Eric Pulier has training in information technology, but he chose to use that talent to help others when he saw all the needs out there.

He works with disabled kids and kids with chronic illnesses. He works on education advocacy to make sure that kids get the technology they need, and he works with school systems so that they can learn how to use technology to help their students. His work has been lauded around the world, because he is creating chances for kids to learn, and he is trying to make it easy for all these kids to get the help they need.

The X Prize is just one place where new technology is going to appear, but Eric Pulier meets a lot of people through the X Prize who might come up with the next best thing for kids and families around the world. Eric Pulier wants to see people come up with things that help the whole world, and he is asking the people who present to the X Prize committee what they are doing with all the research that has been completed. His mission is to see the world change within the context of the X Prize.

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George Soros Believes The European Union Can Resolve Refugee Burden

“Europe: A Better Plan for Refugees”, appearing in The New York Review of Books, is philanthropist and financier George Soros’ assessment of the refugee crisis. Soros is a crusader for democratic ideology on, and human rights worldwide, for over a quarter century.

George Soros thinks the negotiations between Turkey and the European Union and the resulting asylum policy caused the deportation of hundreds to Greece. Current policy, according to Soros, is misguided. He cites that the policy was a German-Turkey collaboration, leaving the EU on the sidelines on There is insufficient funding and the policy is force fed against the wishes of the European Union. Refugees live in countries against their wishes and Greece is seen as a distribution center for those awaiting asylum.

With a catastrophe looming, George Soros thinks a solution is at hand. A statement released by the European Commission said an overhaul of the European asylum system is necessary. Verified refugees shall be permitted to traverse the continent to their destination. The European Union must redesign its framework to support the monetary burden of the refugee influx. Instead of a knee-jerk reaction to costs incurred, the European Union must develop a sustained funding plan. A well-planned according to George Soros spending program is a more sensible and logical approach to handling foreseeable consequences.

Elements of an effective asylum system are readily available to the European Union. The theory and framework from George Soros is not outlandish nor a fantasy. The resources needed to implement the plan is just a phone call and a signature away. A revamped asylum system hinges on adequate funding. Addressing refugee issues in the Middle East, with sufficient funding, can stem the flow into the European continent, to a manageable level.

The refugee issue imposed on Europe is cataclysmic. It’s unconscionable to think that the European Union would implode, without attempting to engage its available resources. Read his profile at Forbes.

Robert Toth Joins CCMP Capital Advisors as Managing Director

CCMP Capital Advisors named Robert Toth a Managing Director on January 11, 2016. His new role with the firm entails creating new investment endeavors; value opportunities; expansion; and managing the portfolios of existing companies in industrialized and chemicals sectors. Robert joined CCMP after 10 months of former president and chief executive officer, Stephen Murray passing. Since Mr. Murray death, CCMP Capital continues to fulfill its mission to increase the growth of its management partnerships. Before the death of Mr. Murray, he closed a $3.6 billion market buyout and growth equity deal according to Bloomberg Business.

Robert Toth received an Industrial Management undergraduate degree from Purdue University. He continued his education and received a master’s degree from John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University. Earlier in his career, he was employed with Monsanto Company, Solutia, CP Kelco, and Polpore. Toth joined CCMP with 30 plus years of experience and has held executive positions, including president, chief executive officer, board member, and investment manager. Before joining Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, he served as president and CEO at Polpore for approximately nine years.

Tim Walsh, the Chief Operating Officer of CCMP Capital said that Robert Toth is an “outstanding leader and knowledgeable of strategies to grow materials and chemical companies.″ He also believes Toth is the best candidate for the job and believes he will be a “valuable asset to the firm″ and invested businesses. Toth was thrilled about the opportunity to work with CCMP and participate in the growth of partnership management groups. What inspired him to accept the offer to serve as a managing director was the proven track records of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The co-founders and investment managers of the firm has proven their ability to partner with entrepreneurs and management professionals in the industrial and chemical industries.

Stephen Murray earned an economics degree from Boston College in 1984 and five years later received a MBA from Columbia Business School. He co-founded CCMP Capital in 2006 and was named the CEO a year later. His career began immediately after receiving a bachelor’s degree working in the private equity investment industry. He resigned from CCMP last February because of unspecified health reasons and one month later died in his home. Survivors of Mr. Murray includes his loving wife, sons, mother, father, brothers, and sister.

CCMP Capital Advisors are pleased with their decision to hire Robert Toth as a managing director in the chemical industry. There are growth opportunities in the industry and Toth has the experience and background to lead the firm in that direction. CCMP had to quickly transition after the death of former CEO, Stephen Murray. The firm welcomed a new CEO, Greg Brenneman and recently a managing director, Mr. Toth.