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Benefits of InnovaCare Health Services

InnovaCare Health does not only offer physician services but it is also one of the leading provider in Medicare as well as Medicaid Advantage plans. You will be in a position to receive quality healthcare services which are cost-effective and sustainable using the best and advanced technology. They are located in Puerto Rico and offer two Medicare Advantage plans which are MMM Healthcare and even PMC Medicare Choice. They have more than 200,000 individuals and they are all served by around 7,500 providers. They also manage other 2 Medicaid Plans which are within Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico.

You will be in a position to work together with a great team since patients will always be their priority. In case you need help with your advantage plans or your health, there will be a qualified expert who will be more than willing to listen and help you out. InnovaCare Health offer quality as well as innovative care to all patients who live in North America even with the diverse change in healthcare setting. Their services are dedicated to ensure they fulfil their mission of offering healthcare programs to meet and solve the challenges in today’s healthcare environment.

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InnovaCare Leadership

There is a great team of professionals who work day in day out to ensure your needs are met. Rick Shinto is the CEO and the President of InnovaCare Health Plans and has experience in this field for more than 20 years now. He has been able to lead the corporation with wisdom and determination to ensure they meet all the different demands of their clients. He has worked in other medical companies before joining InnovaCare and hence improved his experience in this field.

Penelope Kokkinides, who is the Chief Administrative Officer in InnovaCare, joined the corporation in the year 2015. She had previously been working as the Chief Operating Officer in Innovacare and Aveta Incorporation and as the Vice President at Clinical Operations. Her experience in government programs for almost 20 years gives her knowledge as well as expertise in coming up with clinical methods and even managing processes in health care.


InnovaCare has a great team of professionals who work every day to ensure you receive services that you require. You can visit them in case you have issues with your Advantage Plans and get help. You can also receive physician services from them since they use the latest methods of treatment to offer services to their clients.

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The Path Sam Tabar Has Taken

In order to understand how Sam Tabar made it to the top of his industry as a chief operating officer, you have to go all the way back to when he was getting his start in the fund management industry.

When Sam Tabar was head of capital strategy for a company called Merrill Lynch, he provided all the Bank of America fund managers with focused introductions to those institutional investors like foundations, endowments, pensions, family offices, and fund of funds. Sam Tabar would consult on legalities, operations, and building back both front office teams.

Before Sam Tabar got his start with Merill Lynch, he was the co-head of the marketing department for Sparx Group, publically traded as PMA. The reason this is so important to the story, this was the largest independent fund in all of Asia Pacific. In his new role, Sam Tabar managed and then worked all facets of the global marketing effort.

Sam Tabar spent several years as a lawyer for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom, then moved on to another law firm called Schulte, Roth & Zabel. Mr. Tabar now holds a masters of law degree from Columbia Law School as well as a bachelor of arts degree from Oxford University. Sam Tabar was editor of Columbia’s Business Law Journal, today he is still an active member of the New York State bar association.

In order to get a better understanding of how Sam Tabar skyrocketed his career from fund manager to the chief operating officer, one only needs to look back on some of the things that happened to him while he was still a private investor. Mr. Tabar was always in the right place at the right time. Case in point, he was one of the earliest investors in the company Tribute and SheThinx. This company later went on to change the way that the world looks at and utilizes feminine hygiene products. Their social mission to empower women appealed to Mr. Tabar, he picked up on this and was at the forefront of this companies rise through the ranks with a global audience.

OrganoGold is Opening Offices in Turkey

Coffee might be the most popular drink in the world. Billions of people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee. These cups give us energy, and in coffee shops around the world, coffee helps people have incredibly exciting conversations. People love coffee, but they especially love high-quality coffee drinks. There are several producers of quality coffee around the world, but one of the leading providers of great coffee is OrganoGold.

OrganoGold was founded several years ago with one major goal. They wanted to offer people around the globe with quality coffee and tea products. They also want to sell people coffee and tea products that are great for people’s health. To increase the health benefits of each drink produced by OrganoGold, the company incorporates Ganoderma into every drink. Ganoderma is a little known Chinese herb that has amazing health properties. The herb gives you more energy and helps fight common ailments.

OrganoGold was founded by Bernardo Chua. He started the company when he was already a tremendously successful businessman. He founded the company because he was confident in the power of Ganoderma, and he wanted to offer everyone this amazing product. He stands by his product and is happy to promote the product on a regular basis.

OrganoGold has rapidly expanded throughout the world. The company now has locations in 39 countries throughout the world. Turkey is a major target for OrganoGold expansion. OrganoGold has started distributing their product throughout the country, and Bernardo is extremely excited. Bernardo recently sat down to talk about OrganoGold’s expansion into Turkey.

Bernardo was quick to point out that Turkey has a rich coffee culture. The first ever coffee house opened in Turkey, in the 15th century. The demand for high-quality coffee has only continued to grow over the last six centuries ago. The Turkish people have an extremely active lifestyle, and they are searching for healthy products that they can enjoy. Bernardo strongly believes that the Turkish people will embrace the OrganoGold products.

OrganoGold is a revolutionary product, and Bernardo Chua is committed to spreading the product throughout the world.  Keep up with Bernardo’s journey on Facebook.

Securus technology is set for a big exposé against GTL

People have always had the mentality that only the old and famous companies are more inclined to do better and produce excellent results. Yes, it happens. However, what about the new kid in the block, equipped with the state of the art equipment, determination and new techniques ready to do things differently? Sure, they will produce even better results. Now this is the case with Texas’ Securus Technologies founded only 3 decades ago, in 1986. I have always vetted on it in matter of civil and criminal justice technology for public safety. The firm has systems in place to investigate monitor and correct modern correctional facilities in the United States, more information about Securus Technologies can be found on visiting this PR Newswire provided link.

During its running, I agree the company has made tremendous steps to the right direction, all towards improving productivity, profitability and satisfaction of inmates across the US. According to her recent survey, over 50% of US correctional facilities are upgrading their systems and services too. 15% was concerned in cutting costs as their approach to success, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies Richard (Rich) A. Smith echoed.
In April 2015 according to Crunchbase, Securus would enter the records as the fastest growing correction system in terms of payments, emails, and inmate tablets upon signing an agreement with JPay Inc. The CEO affirmed that they could now offer anything high-end in terms of technology, which correction facilities needed most to operate a modern jail.
In a recent report by PR Newswire dated 7 July 2016 the firm unmasked integrity breaches committed by a renowned inmate communication firm, Global Tel Link, GTL. In the report, GTL is to blame for overrating calls, when it served the Louisiana Public Service Commission PSC. Securus Technology CEO, believes that the accusations leveled against GTL by PSC are true. Allegations include,
• GTL added up t 36 seconds after call, by programming correctional institution telephone clocks.
• Charging higher tariffs on every jail calls.
• Billing calls more than once.
• Overcharging Louisiana Taxpayers, an act that is unlawful.