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Proof Brexit Was Wise Decision! See Toxic Debt

The truth is that Brexit was a great time to learn a lot about economics. There were charts, infographics and videos explaining how England had fared as a pseudo-member of the EU. Unfortunately, some of the politicians appealed to the basest nature of the voters, trying to divert attention away from the basic economics of the decision. Every day, more proof shows that Brexit was the wise decision.


“Leave Bad Economic Situation”


British people are very prudent. They did not undertake the Brexit vote without at least some contemplation of the serious ramifications thereof. Before the 17.4 million Brits voted for Brexit, they might have analyzed a number of charts.


Joining or leaving the European Union should be predicated on whether membership is beneficial. On June 23, 2016, the English decided that the EU was becoming a burden. Why?


“EU Collected Toxic Debt”


The Visual Capitalist created a great infographic showing all that you need to know about EU non-performing assets in June 2016. The United Kingdom had only 2.3% non-performing loans. Compare that to the following EU nations: Greece at 46.6%, Portugal at 19.2% and Italy at 16.6%. In fact, the Achilles heel of Capitalism may be “non-performing loans.”


What destroyed Bear Stearns? Non-performing loans. What has caused Greek turmoil? Non-performing loans. Thus, when Brits saw the high percentage of non-performing loans, they knew the EU was in trouble. Why should the British population subsidize failing EU economies?


“Gold is Always Performing”


As the world worried about the Brexit vote results, wise investors were purchasing gold as a safe haven. With gold, you don’t need to wait for any vote. With gold, you don’t need to worry about non-performing loans. Gold is always performing.


The Cook Islands have minted both a 1/10 ounce and 1/2 gram .9999 fine gold coin. You can purchase either one at US Money Reserve. US Money Reserve provides you with wise, objective information on how different events might affect your wealth portfolio.


The gold Brexit coins have a picture of the British Royal on the front. The Cook Islands are a British protectorate in the Pacific Ocean. On the reverse is an image of England with an arrow and June 23, 2016.


You can add this Brexit gold coin to your safe deposit box to help you remember what really matters. Always-performing physical gold is always better than non-performing paper loans.