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Sanjay Shah Funds Autism Research

Since the inception of Autism Rocks Sanjay Shah has raised and donated millions to autism research. After his son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sanjay began studying the disorder which affected his son. After a chance encounter with Snoop Dog, Sanjay began to formulate a plan to help all the autistic children in the world.

While studying at Kings University, Sanjay indulged in his passion for music. He began booking shows and promoting local venues. This gave him the idea to combine music and fund raising to fund autism research. In 2014 his brainchild, Autism Rocks was launched. The inaugural concert was a invitation only event held at Cafe De Paris in London. DJ Trevor Nelson warmed up the crowd. The event was headlined by Prince and his band 3rd Eye Girl. The pop legend played to 500 of Sanjay’s closest wealthy influential friends. The event raised several millions of dollars for autism research. After the great success of the first concert, Sanjay organized a second concert later that year at KOKO where DJs Fever and BFG opened for Headliner Lenny Kravitz.

After relocating the family to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2015, Sanjay continued to build upon Autism Rocks concert success. Again he called on Prince to headline a private event at the Pancho Ibiza Dubai. Later in the year he organized concerts featuring Michael Buble and Drake, along with a beach Polo event.

Sanjay grew up in central London and attended Kings College University. As a typical student Sanjay Shah was unsure of the direction he wanted his life to take. He began his studies in medicine, before quickly switching to accounting. His knowledge in both areas has attributed to the success of Autism Rocks.

Shortly after graduation Sanjay began working with Merrill Lynch, ING and Varengold Bank. These positions provided him with the knowledge to manage several millions of dollars. After the financial crisis, Sanjay began his own trading firm, Solo Capital. Within a few years Sanjay had built Solo Capital into a multimillion dollar success.