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Robert Ivy’s Achievements

Mr. Robert Ivy is the current Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy specializes in the design, construction and building industries where he uses his expertise to challenge architects to reason beyond the architectural field.

American Institute of Architects is an organization that is based on professional membership. Architect Ivy is a soft-spoken and wise gentleman who has some excellent history of the American urban planning. Robert Ivy believes that design can help various sectors grow. He insists that architects can lead the path towards curbing disasters caused by collapsing buildings. Ivy thinks that architects can come up with health improving construction designs.

American Institute of Architects publicized its ten-year commitment to come up with solutions and projects focusing on improving public health and sustainability. The announcement was made at Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting held in September. This meeting gathers various Cultural, political and business leaders globally. American Institute of Architects launched a program to support university research in the form of grants. The organization also intends to do other various projects such as creating a phone application or any other software program.

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In an interview, Ivy said that professionals in the architectural department focus on different subjects at various periods. Ivy argued that over the years, people looked at buildings as objects and not as social drivers and public health shapers. He continued that upcoming architects are focused on diversifying their works and promoting social engagements. He boasted that the new blend of architects is determined to improve public health as they specialize in this noble project. Ivy based his argument the United States’ history such as the draining swamps in Washington D.C and the Olmsted design in New York City.

Robert Ivy pointed out that design can help the society in curbing of communicable ailments such as heart disease and diabetes. He said that the idea could be brought to life by applying construction designs that promote exercise and body fitness in cities and buildings according to Ivy noted, coming up with a building design that encourages people to use stairs supports public health since people engages their bodies in an exercise every time they walk upstairs. Ivy also revealed that architects consider access to clean water, fresh air, and sunlight when drawing any construction design.

Speaking about the American Institute of Architects’ involvement in various out-of-field projects, Ivy defended the institute saying that the organization needed to secure collaborations with different bodies to diversify its development ideas.

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