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Find Out What NewsWatch TV Can Do For Your Business!

NewsWatch TV is the world’s best sources for celebrity, entertainment, medical, tech, and consumer product news, along with a wide variety of informative topics. The series’ one to three minute segments document the news, companies, and products that are changing our world for the better. The multi-award winning, twenty eight year old, series, got its start in the spring of 1990 as a once monthly broadcast. Now, NewsWatch is broadcast weekly on ION, AMC, and a plethora of local affiliates. Though NewsWatch has made a name for themselves working alongside many high profile clients, the series has also been responsible for launching the careers of many smaller businesses.

If you’re looking for a new, and wide reaching, approach to marketing your company, business, or product, NewsWatch TV is just what you’re looking for. Pricing is dependent upon the size and reach of your campaign and NewsWatch has a package available for most any size business with any size budget. The senior director of marketing at Steel Series Professional Gaming Gear said it was an incredible experience working with a company that understood PR in the way that NewsWatch TV does. Contour Design saw a significant increase in sales of their ergonomic workstations following their NewsWatch segment. Your company can be broadcast all over the world, in 200 US markets, and 95 million American homes when you work with NewsWatch TV! So stop putting your advertising and marketing goals on the back burner and find out what NewsWatch TV can do for you!


Skouting Around With Skout

In today’s super amped up technological society, sometimes simple things like connecting with friends and making new ones can get lost in the shuffle. As smart phones and tablets have taken over a lot of our means of connecting with other people, new apps have been developed to enhance the “making friends” experience. The popularity of these apps makes it clear they are serving a need.

Skout is a “making friends” app that’s available by free download at the app store. It was the subject of a review in Adweek, which noted that the app is user friendly and works intuitively.

Users who want to meet and greet on Skout can sign in using Facebook (that other social media app) or their email. The homepage area of Skout is a grid with the faces of some of the app’s users. On the left side there is a virtual “drawer” that allows users to see what all the “Buzz” is about. The “Buzz,” of course, being what all those other people online are talking and posting about.

Skout has some fun features like “Shake to Chat,” which allows for random style “meetups” with new, potential friends. Users who connect with this feature can start chatting and after 40 seconds their profiles will be revealed to each other.

Another unusual feature of Skout is its use of points. The app isn’t totally free, actually, as users have to pay extra, suing “Skout currency) for some of the features, like a “Backstage” (and more intimate) view of some of the users. A “Winkbomb” feature also costs extra, but it allows users to send out a major batch of winks at users who catch their eye.

Skout is user friendly and fun, and it looks to be a solid addition to the every growing social media apps that are springing up online these days.

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New Growth for Companies: The World of Video Marketing

In the 21st century, the internet and all the innovations to ordinary takes it provides have shortened the attention span of people everywhere and made the world crave entertainment and creativity. Businesses that fail to adapt are doomed to be left behind.

Talk Fusion is one company seeking to bring companies into the modern age of technology and marketing. In 2007, founder and CEO Bon Reina developed a way to embed videos into e-mails, making the ordinary dull and standard marketing message engaging. Now, there are over 1,000 templates users can choose from or customize, and multiple other companies have sprung up with the same mission, seeing how successful Talk Fusion has become.

As reported by Hello Tesla, videos included in marketing e-mails can increase revenue by 40%. It ups the rate of potential clients opening the e-mail by 20%, and doubles or even triples the click through rate of the message.

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research has expressed the effectiveness of video marketing in terms of an old adage. It is familiarly stated that a picture is worth 1,000 words. According to McQuivey, a video is worth around 1.8 million words. Videos let a company explain their brand better than words or plain text ever could. And the message will reach more people, younger generations, and generate interest and discussions across the web.

Companies like Talk Fusion bring marketing to the next level. Suddenly, companies have rekindled their creative spark, and customers are taking notice. Video marketing is absolutely necessary for companies who wish to continue to grow, and with technology making things easier than ever before, there is no excuse to not invest in it.

Handy Continues To Grow Despite Competition

Necessity may be the mother of invention but it was not the sole reason founder Hanrahan Oisin started Handy. The beginnings of Handy (formerly known as Handybook) actually started back when the founder was developing real estate during college. He saw a need and thought something could be done about it.

When Oisin started his career in London, he again saw innovations that put the spark of the idea in his mind. It was when he was earning his MBA in Boston that Handy really came to fruition. His two roommates were the motivation. One became the co-founder of the company, the other (who was really messy) became the motivation.

Oisin and his co-founder decided to drop out of college, move to New York City and commence the company. They spent the summer raising seed capital and forged out on their own. Since the inception of the company many other similar companies have tried to squeeze in on their space.

Many companies may look like Handy but fall short of the goal. Handy is unique in that all transactions take place on the web. Booking, payment, and even feedback are entirely electronic. Handy also consists of two main facets. Those are the consumer base and the contractor base. Handy does not directly offer any services, they simply manage what is available in the locations.

Handy’s main concern at present is to excel in their position at the top of the sector. They have the bulk of their income from cleaning services, but also offer handyman services which are about 20% of what they do. In their quest for growth and strength in their niche, Handy is now offering furniture purchase and assembly to its clientele. While competition may spawn up, Handy is unconcerned with competing and more concerned with customer perception and satisfaction.

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Apple Stores Are Losing Popularity


In the past, Apple stores have been one of the most popular places to shop in malls. But recently reports are showing that consumers are spending their time and money elsewhere.

Sandeep Mathrani is the CEO of General Growth Properties and says that large retail categories have shown growth with the exception of technology. Apple is the biggest reason why they are seeing a downfall in electronics sales. Apple has 268 stores in the U.S. and 206 stores in international locations. According to Forbes, the iPhone is losing popularity in China, which could be one of the reasons their sales seem to be going down.

Apple stores are a main source of sales for the company but since the company has not come out with anything too new recently, shoppers aren’t finding much of a reason to shop there. Apple sales growth has been lower than the average in malls. Right now, one of the only things driving people to the stores, is the release of the newest iPhone upgrade that can only be obtained in the store. Apple is planning on releasing plans for a new upgraded iPad air and a smaller iPhone soon according to Marc Sparks. These releases could influence consumers to visit the Apple stores.

Next Level Video: How Talk Fusion Has Become the #1 Video Service Worldwide

Talk Fusion is now the #1 video service in Indonesia and elsewhere. Its buzz is due to its recent launch which officially saw its popularity skyrocket. Talk Fusion seems to hit on a particular need of video users to have an easier way to connect with others. Talk Fusion isn’t just easier to use than the competition, but it also offers more affordable rates.

The Talk Fusion product suite includes video chat, video conferencing, and video emails. Traditional video technology only allows you to do one thing. However, Talk Fusion provides various services so that you don’t have to switch back and forth between companies just to do basic tasks with video.

Bob Reina, the visionary founder and CEO of Talk Fusion created the company out of his own frustrations. He was unable to send a small video clip to his friend through AOL’s email service. His problem-solving instinct kicked in, and he teamed up with his friend and IT professional to create the prototype. Once people tried the new video technology, they always wanted to use it permanently.

However, Reina knew that with great technology comes great cost. However, just because Talk Fusion invests heavily in technology and service doesn’t mean it needs to charge a lot to customers. This is because of Talk Fusion’s revolutionary business model. Talk Fusion relies on relationship selling.

Instead of paying hefty retail fees and advertising costs, Talk Fusion allows its independent brand associates to share Talk Fusion with their family and friends. This way, the product can be delivered directly to the consumer without increasing prices. It also means that independent associates have additional financial opportunities. Talk Fusion even holds tropical vacations and offers physical prizes for associates who show excellent results in sales and customer satisfaction.

Of course, simply creating an innovative video technology is not enough for Reina and his company. Talk Fusion also gives back to the community and charitable organizations. To try Talk Fusion risk free, download a free trial at the Google Play store or See what you’ve been missing and what savvy video users are raving about everywhere.

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Handy and Its Founders

A new company Handy makes getting a housekeeper, plumber, or handyman super easy. All users have to do is tap a button on a phone app to place an order. The founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua started their company just three years ago, but Handy is already an estimated $500 million. The two recently journeyed to the Web Summit in Ireland while they discussed their future strategy for the company. This strategy has obviously worked for them already so the industry insiders are taking everything they say on the subject very seriously.

Much of that success has come with their decision to be based in New York. The state has been nothing but good for the company since it started. Handy is not the first company the two have started together. The two attended college together and started MiCandidate and Undergraduate Awards, which both have met with their own success stories. The partnership and friendship remains strong, but they are currently both working on independent projects. Hanrahan has remained a huge fan of the work at Web Summit. In fact, he has issued an encouragement to other Irish graduates to leave their dead-end jobs and start at promising companies like Web Summit.

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Securus Technologies Challenges GTL

Securus Technologies is a famous and leading licensed provider for civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The company mostly deals with investigations, public safety, corrections and the monitoring facilities in northern America. The company recently announced that it intends to challenge one its major competitors, GTL. They plan to bring an independent expert in technology to determine the company that has the best and largest product set, the best high technology telephone calling platform and also the company that has the best customer care.

In the past, GTL has always used litigation assure consumers that their technology and also customer service is the best compared to what Securus Technologies offers. According to the Chief Executive Office of Securus Technologies, Mr. Richard Smith, popularly known as Rick, an independent judge should come in and evaluate the two companies product sets, the calling platforms and even both the customer care systems. 

The management in Securus Technologies believes that they shouldn’t be compared to GTL. For the past three years, Securus has invested a lot, and they know that their services cannot be compared to what GTL offers its consumers. The company has invested more than $670 million in the business. Using this amount, they have acquired different companies, technologies, and even product development. They currently own a state of the art technology center and also the US customer service center. Their rival company GTL has not even invested 10% of what Securus Technology has. 

According to the management of the Securus Technologies, the technology platforms used by their rivals currently is what they used the premise based systems in the past before acquiring better platforms. When comparing these two companies, many individuals say that Securus owns a bigger product set of very useful services, especially for the corrections sector. Many also say that the company has its domestic-based center for inmate phone calls that is mainly staffed by employees from Securus. GTL is not able to do this since it gets its customer care staff from Mexico.

The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The institution serves over 3450 correctional agencies in Northern America and more than 1.2 million prisoners. Recently, the company introduced a video visitation app that has improved the visitation options for the inmates and their loved ones. To learn more about how this product works, click here.

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Get A Great Home Cleaning From A Handy Worker

Creating a reliable cleaning company is not as easy as it sounds, and that’s why many cleaning companies have failed. There are some cleaning companies that focus solely on their customers and giving them what they want, but other cleaning companies may only focus on making money, and this is where they fail. Customers have the need to be taken care of in every way, especially when they are paying money to get services that they are not able to do on their own. The Handy company is a customer-based company that does cleaning services as well as other services, but their entire goal is to serve their customers.

Many customers find themselves unable to clean their homes because of the busy weeks that they have on a regular basis, and the only thing they can do is to call a cleaning service to come out to their home. The problem is that some cleaning services may not have the time to come out based on the customer’s schedule but only the company’s schedule. If the company doesn’t have any openings for days, this may not work for the customer, who made need a cleaning scheduled the very next day.

Handy is different because of the fact that they can schedule a cleaning within a day of the appointment being made. It’s very easy to create an appointment with Handy, and all that’s necessary is creating an account on Handy’s app, and this process can be completed in under a minute. Once all the relevant information is inserted, then the customer simply needs to find the services they are looking for, whether it’s cleaning services as well as other services.

Handy has some great services that can be of help to every customer, and all of the services are home oriented. Since Handy is available in several cities, those who need moving services, plumbing services, painting services, electrical work and more can make an appointment with Handy service persons to do work in their home. Each service person is background checked, which is something many customers worry about. The service persons are also insured, so everything is covered before a worker ever goes out to a customer’s home to do any cleaning or other services.