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Apple Stores Are Losing Popularity


In the past, Apple stores have been one of the most popular places to shop in malls. But recently reports are showing that consumers are spending their time and money elsewhere.

Sandeep Mathrani is the CEO of General Growth Properties and says that large retail categories have shown growth with the exception of technology. Apple is the biggest reason why they are seeing a downfall in electronics sales. Apple has 268 stores in the U.S. and 206 stores in international locations. According to Forbes, the iPhone is losing popularity in China, which could be one of the reasons their sales seem to be going down.

Apple stores are a main source of sales for the company but since the company has not come out with anything too new recently, shoppers aren’t finding much of a reason to shop there. Apple sales growth has been lower than the average in malls. Right now, one of the only things driving people to the stores, is the release of the newest iPhone upgrade that can only be obtained in the store. Apple is planning on releasing plans for a new upgraded iPad air and a smaller iPhone soon according to Marc Sparks. These releases could influence consumers to visit the Apple stores.