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Billionaire Wes Edens Invests Major Stakes in the Sports and Transports Industries

Wes career at Fortress Investment Group

Since its establishment in 1998 by Wes Edens alongside two others, Fortress Investments Group has risen to become a pacesetter in the investments industry across the United States. Before the formation, the trio had extensively worked for well-known corporations such as the Lehman Brothers, UBS, BlackRock Management Firm and Goldman Sachs where they gathered extensive knowledge in business formation and administration. Armed with the exquisite experience, they embarked on setting up the private equity firm in a bid to offer an alternative asset management strategy.

The firm was listed on the global map in 2017 when it became the first privately owned equity firm to go public at the New York Stock Exchange. Since then, Fortress Investment Group has become a force to reckon, with its net worth skyrocketing to a tune of $32.6 billion, accrued from an initial investment of $400 million. Under the stewardship of Wes Edens, the company controls assets worth $43 billion on behalf of at least 1750 investors.

Wes Edens Establishes Privately Owned Train

Road transport across Florida has been a thorn in the flesh for majority residents in the States. This mode of transportation is adversely unreliable due to the distractions meted upon commuters if and when an accident occurs or during rush hour where traffic snarl-ups become the norm. However, the establishment of a privately-owned train system by Wed Edens has eased the movement of people and goods across the streets of Florida to Miami and Lauderdale. The system has gone down in history as the only privately owned railway transport system in America. The train dubbed, Brightline, cruises at breathtaking speeds of 80 miles per hour. Apart from being supersonic, the system offers a wide range of costs ranging from as low as $10 to $15 based on the commuters’ needs, and an inbuilt Internet system that gives passengers the opportunity to access the outside world.

Mr. Edens to Acquire a 55% Stake of Aston Villa Football Club

Despite co-owning Milwaukee, a baseball club, Wes Edens is taking over the sports industry with a boom. His quest to own and run an internationally recognized soccer club has steered him to acquiring enormous stakes at the Aston Villa Soccer Club, whose ground is based in England. The English Premier League commands a massive following across the globe with thousands trooping in stadia to watch the prestigious games, while millions stream through live coverage. Wes Edens seeks to aid the club bounce back to the top-flight league. Billionaire Sawiris, Edens to Buy Aston Villa Soccer Club

Paul Mampilly Shares His Expertise With Everyday Americans

Kids nowadays use “memes” from the internet, while kids in the past used TV commercial catchphrases. E.F. Hutton’s commercial stuck with Paul Mampilly. People view E.F. Hutton, Berkshire Hathaway’s Chief Executive Officer and chairman, as an oracle. When Hutton said Penny-Wise, Pound Foolish, it caught Paul’s attention. Paul agrees with Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett who wrote that the number of American public companies has declined due to short-term earning pressures. The lack of public companies has led to less opportunities for retail investors. Quarterly earnings estimates are hindering companies from making short-term profits.

Companies that are unlisted can avoid the requirements for short-term earnings. The top 100 corporations went from having 48.5 percent of corporate profits in 1975, to 84.2 percent in the last two decades. There were 5000 stocks on the Wilshire 5000 Index in 1974, but now there’s only 3,599. The top 100 US companies made $1.46 trillion while the rest only made $274 billion in total. This has led to a lot of income inequality. Paul Mampilly, Jeff Yastine, and Matt Badiali write newsletters about the opportunities that small businesses have to generate wealth.
Paul Mampilly ran a money-management firm that went from $6 billion to $25 billion. It was named one of the “World’s Best” by Barron.

The Templeton Foundation recognized his skill and they invited him to their $50 million investment competition. He won the competition and made a 76 percent return during the economic crisis in 2008 and 2009. Billionaires desperately wanted him on their team. He unexpectedly left Wall Street in 2010 to help everyday Americans make money through his techniques. He made videos about people he has helped create wealth with his recommendations. He is offering a small device that he believes will start a second Industrial Revolution. He hopes 50 billion of them will be used by 2020. The DIGIT Act will help this technology have a breakthrough. People on Wall Street and 1 percent clients will not want this device to become available. The same recommendations Paul Mampilly gave billionaires are now offered to average Americans.

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The Connection Between New York Fashion Week & The Academy of Art University

If you’re aware of what’s going on in the field of fashion design, then you’ve probably heard of the Academy of Art University. This particular school dates back to the early 1900s, and it was founded by Richard S. Stephens. Student galleries, exhibits, student housing and technologically advanced facilities can be found on its grand campus. Some of its students have worked on blockbuster hits like “Get Out,” “Mad Max Fury Road,” “The Revenant,” “Sully,” and “Bridge of Spies.” Academy of Art University has played a role in developing some of today’s leading celebrity personnel, including:

  • Lauren Conrad (actress)
  • Raven Symone (actress)
  • Brandon Kee (project runway)
  • Rick Baker (makeup artist)
  • Asencio (figurative painter)
  • And many others

The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion is state-of-the-art. This program uses advanced technologies, is taught by teachers who have a thorough history in the subject and prepares students for a career in fashion design. Some of AAU’s fashion design students has participated at New York Fashion Week. This just so happens to be one of the most prestigious fashion events in society today. This week-long affair plays host to thousands of spectators, but many of its contestants come from foreign nations. New York Fashion Week is basically the cream of the crop when it comes to fashion shows.

AAU was able to put together a number of fashion collections for the 2017 event. These individuals were BFA and MFA graduates of AAU. This collection helped the school in making its 21st appearance. That’s right! Academy of Art University has made it to a mainstream level. “AAU has become a huge powerhouse in the fashion world,” said Stephan Rabimov, the President of DEPESHA. This only scratches the surface of what this flamboyant school has brought to the table, but it’s looking to continue its dominance in the coming years.

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The Digital Diligence of Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX and Chief Information Officer for OPSkins. Before his current affairs he served as the Chief Technology Officer and president of New Ventures Incorporation. There he led start ups throughout the digital industry. Some of these operations included Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China as well as MediaPass and Xfire. Malcolm CasSelle’s investments include Facebook, ZYNGA and previously Bitcoin correlated companies. He served as an early stage investor in all of these companies.

Cassette earned his bachelors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and masters degree from Stanford University. His entrepreneurial spirit drives him and has benefited all those who have done business with him. He has taken part in over 30 investments and continues to help businesses at the ground level. He also serves as a mentor and advisor throughout the technology and digital field. The well-known digital coupon service Groupon has praised his assistance in thier expansion. They described him as being a team player and knowledgeable on many areas of culture and strategies. Malcolm has been the nucleus of some of Groupon’s most impactful projects. The fact that he has operated businesses in numerous different industries sets him apart as a leader, a diverse one.

His experience in the field continues to unlock business opportunities for many people. He is often referred from business to business as his expertise and reputation precedes him. Those who do business with him often return for future service when the opportunity presents itself. His most prominent locations of business are Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. His resume reaches across 12 different markets making him a very knowledgeable person.

His company Worldwide Asset eXchange is a digital asset for trading. And this virtual market place provides a platform for smart contracts and easyily connects buyers with sellers. A company such as this has a block-chain enabled mechanism that prevents fraud and allows users to instantly buy virtual products without leaving their game. WAX tokens serve as currency for purchasing in-game items. Malcolm CasSelle believes the gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

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Find Out What NewsWatch TV Can Do For Your Business!

NewsWatch TV is the world’s best sources for celebrity, entertainment, medical, tech, and consumer product news, along with a wide variety of informative topics. The series’ one to three minute segments document the news, companies, and products that are changing our world for the better. The multi-award winning, twenty eight year old, series, got its start in the spring of 1990 as a once monthly broadcast. Now, NewsWatch is broadcast weekly on ION, AMC, and a plethora of local affiliates. Though NewsWatch has made a name for themselves working alongside many high profile clients, the series has also been responsible for launching the careers of many smaller businesses.

If you’re looking for a new, and wide reaching, approach to marketing your company, business, or product, NewsWatch TV is just what you’re looking for. Pricing is dependent upon the size and reach of your campaign and NewsWatch has a package available for most any size business with any size budget. The senior director of marketing at Steel Series Professional Gaming Gear said it was an incredible experience working with a company that understood PR in the way that NewsWatch TV does. Contour Design saw a significant increase in sales of their ergonomic workstations following their NewsWatch segment. Your company can be broadcast all over the world, in 200 US markets, and 95 million American homes when you work with NewsWatch TV! So stop putting your advertising and marketing goals on the back burner and find out what NewsWatch TV can do for you!


David McDonald- His role at OSI Group

OSI Group is an international enterprise that deals with the production of food products. The operations of the company in different countries is diversified. Depending on the taste and preferences of the people, the company produces different products. Currently, the food company is employing over 20,000 people globally and has operations in 17 countries where it has also established over 65 production facilities. OSI Group is not a small company by any estimation. According to the Forbes list, OSI Group ranks number 58 out of the top 100 private companies in the United States with an estimated value of $6.1 billion.

David McDonald has played a significant role in the global expansion of the OSI Group. His influence has mostly been in the growth of the company in Asia. He has also played a key role in the acquisition of food companies in Europe. In the past few years, OSI Group has acquired some top companies in Europe such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Baho Foods is a Dutch company while Flagship Europe has been renamed Creative Foods.

David McDonald is the right person for this job since he has been in the industry long enough to experience the changes which have taken place. Even before he joined OSI Group, he had experience in the food industry. He had worked with government agencies, local and international retailers while he was in Iowa.

Right from his childhood, David McDonald was brought in a farm setup. Although it would not be expected that a farm boy would have an opportunity to lead a global conglomerate, he has proved that anything is possible. He was, however, lucky to have had experienced in food chain supply at a young age. It helped him manage to get started at OSI Group.

David McDonald has been a key assistant to the CEO. Sheldon Lavin who has been part of this company for the past four decades has enjoyed working with McDonald since he knows that even in his absence, the company will still be performing well. Together, they have worked on projects that have made OSI Group the global firm it is today. They have stuck with best practices of the food industry, and their efforts have paid off handsomely.

Meet Rodrigo Terpins the Rally Driver and Founder of Floresvale

The destiny of our lives is influenced by the people who brought us up. The environment we grew up in, has a lot to do with who we become. The life of Rodrigo Terpins illustrates this best. The Terpins family is known for their success in the sports activities. Jack Terpins is known for his success in the Latin American Jewish Congress as the president. Michel Terpins, his brother, is also a rally driver.

Growing in this environment led to his interest in the rally driving sports. The sport is loved by many, but only a few are ready to participate. It is considered dangerous. There are many terrains that one has to conquer to be termed as a winner. Rodrigo Terpins has acquired many fans through his perseverance during the races. Despite the rough roads, he never gives up; he keeps working to be the best. The fans have learned the need to keep pressing when they are faced with challenges from Rodrigo’s struggles to win.

Far from the sporting activities, Rodrigo Terpins is also the founder of Floresvale. Floresvale aims at protecting the environment and increasing the supply of certified wood in Brazil. Coping with his two worlds of business is not an easy task. He explains that he has to divide his time between the countryside and the urban life. He ensures that he is connected to make use of the commuting time. Check out for more info.


Running Floresvale requires intelligence. Rodrigo says that he brings his ideas to life by ensuring that he discusses all the ideas with his partners. He has learned many lessons along the way. For instance, they have embraced the acquisition strategy to earn more in a short time. Instead of starting planting of trees from scratch, they buy planted forests. Rodrigo Terpins has also made mistakes that he has learned from, to become a better business person. For instance, they bought a farm that wasn’t good for their business, and they have been working hard to find a buyer.

Rodrigo Terpins says that he ensures he is updated on the things that happen in the world before making any decision. This way he makes informed decisions.



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OSI Food Solutions expansion plans

OSI Food Solutions is the biggest food company in the world. The company has been in recent years expanding its business operation with the aim of reaching out to as many people as possible. The company which currently operates in 17 countries and has opened over 65 production plants in different places so that they can meet the high demand for their products. The company is currently under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. With these two, they have been pillars in the management of the company. All the expansion efforts that have been taking place are a direct impact of their leadership.

OSI Food Solutions has been taking various steps to expand their businesses. They have taken measures to expand domestic and international markets. In the United States, the company has acquired a production plant that was formerly owned by Tyson Foods. This is a facility that will increase food production in the local market due to the ample space available in the plant for more production. The plant measures about 220,000 square feet.

OSI Food Solutions has also expanded its food production in Europe, in Spain, they have a production plant in Toledo which produces beef, pork, and chicken products. In the last one decade, there has been an increase in the consumption of chicken products in the area. OSI Food Solutions has taken the cue and expanded its production capacity. From 12,000 tons of chicken products, they are now producing 24,000 tons every year.

Another step taken by the company is to acquire two companies in Europe. They started by acquiring Flagship Europe which has since been renamed Creative Foods and then acquired Baho Foods. The acquisitions have been made in an attempt to take the business operations dominant in Europe.

OSI Food Solutions has been recognized for the great work that it has done especially in maintaining health management and safety standards. The British Safety Council has awarded it for maintaining these standards. They won the award in 2016 that being the 11th time that they have received it since 2006. Clearly, they have consistently been offering the best food services.

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Herbalife Sports Sponsorship Adds New Star Athlete

Herbalife Nutrition is excited to be sponsoring LA Galaxy midfielder Jonathan dos Santos. Herbalife is a premier nutrition company that conducts business around the world. They will be sponsoring Dos Santos, who also plays for the Mexican national team. The deal is scheduled to run through 2021.

Jonathan dos Santos has shown a commitment to nutrition and fitness. He has exemplified the lifestyle of a healthy athlete who is performing at the highest level of his sport. Herbalife nutrition believes that Dos Santos will be a shining example of the company’s purpose.

The entire line of Herbalife products will be made available to Jonathan dos Santos. The products are certified for sports and will help him optimize his training. It will ensure that he is able to perform to the peak of his abilities.

Jonathan dos Santos understands the importance of having a balanced diet and nutrition plan. He will work closely with Herbalife Nutrition to build a quality fitness program that puts him in a winning position. Dos Santos has personal experience with the Herbalife brand. He started using Herbalife to rebuild strength at the beginning of each day and after practice. Dos Santos is now working with the company’s video team to develop promotion for his favorite Herbalife product which is the Banana Sunrise Shake. Dos Santos will be involved in various aspects of developing products and work with the Herbalife marketing team.

Jonathan dos Santos is originally from Mexico City. He began playing soccer at an early age. Jonathan and his brother joined FC Barcelona and began their careers with the Barcelona first team. Dos Santos eventually made it to Villarreal CF where he proved his skills and established himself as a world-class athlete. Jonathan dos Santos joined the LA Galaxy in 2017.

The Herbalife Nutrition mission is make an impact through nutrition and fitness. It has been in existence since 1980 and uses its nutritional knowledge to change people’s lives for the better. Herbalife is committed to working with those who suffer from poor nutrition and obesity. They find solutions that will help sick people improve their daily quality of life. Herbalife products are high-quality and proven by science. The company looks to inspire people to embrace an active lifestyle. The Herbalife Family Foundation works with Casa Herbalife programs to bring quality food to children. The company makes a conscious effort to reach out to families and suffering communities.

Is it Time for You to Hire a Financial Coach?

Consumers who are interested in improving their financial profile are pouring over Infinity Group Australia reviews to learn more about this financial health partner. Like many people hire a life coach or fitness trainer to help them meet their goals, there exists the same service when it comes to improving your financial health.


Many residents in Australia feel overwhelmed by their financial obligations and really don’t know of any definitive steps to take to help improve the situation. If you are tired of dealing with debt or want to pay off your mortgage in a more compressed time frame, a financial coach can help you meet these goals.


If you know that there are some simple steps that you can take to increase your overall financial health but aren’t sure exactly what they are, take a look at the Infinity Group Australia reviews to learn more about your fellow residents’ experiences with the group. Financial health can make the difference between enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is in good shape, andlaying awake at night worried about you are going to pay the bills this month. Which life do you want to lead?


A financial coach can help you to find the areas where you are spending too much money, or are being reckless with your credit. Additionally, they can present effective strategies that are useful in meeting your goals such as paying off your mortgage ahead of time and living debt free.


If receiving encouragement and support as you learn these financial lessons sounds good to you, a financial coach may be the answer to your prayers. In addition to ongoing support, monthly financial statements and expenditure reviews can help you to see where there is room for improvement in how you are spending your money.


Many financial practices seem like common sense but when it comes to implementation the confusion and procrastination sets in. If this is the case for you, the solution may be as simple as hiring a partner that will work with you to formulate a plan that is doable and will help you to meet your long-term goals. Financial coaches, such as those at Infinity Group Australia, will also stay with you for the long-term as you meet your goals.


If you have financial problems, it does not mean that you are a bad person. You simply need to learn the tools and the skills that will enable you to reach your financial goals such as living debt-free and owning your home outright without a mortgage. If you are ready to do the hard work to meet your goal, a coach can help make the journey even easier. Learn more: