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Ricardo Tosto: Inspiration for the Brazilian Youth

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most influential lawyers in Brazil today. He is considered as a role model by his colleagues, and they look up into him as an inspiration. According to his colleagues, he is using his profession to help those who are in need, especially when it comes to legal matters. They also highlighted how Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho wanted to influence and shape the Brazilian youth by giving them encouraging testaments on what a lawyer should be and how a lawyer should act. His colleagues have witnessed how he transformed from being a struggling and challenge law student into one of the most prominent lawyers in the country. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho keeps on advising the Brazilian youth that they should not lose hope and that they should continue in fighting for their dreams. Because of his charisma among the youth, the number of law students is increasing annually. Today, there are more than 200,000 students taking up law in more than 1,000 schools across Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho co-founded one of the largest law firms in Brazil along with his colleagues. He is a lawyer who specializes in finance and commerce, and many private Brazilian businesses and corporations are seeking him for his legal expertise. He works as a legal counsel and adviser for a number of companies, and he is helping them get through any legal problems. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also an active member of the Brazilian Bar Association, and he has been given several positions within the organization. His aim is to breed a new generation of Brazilian lawyers that would uphold the rule of law and will bring positive changes to the country.

As of now, Brazil is considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Their constitution has so many loopholes, often ending up protecting those who have pillaged the resources and the public funds. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho wanted to change this perception of the world about his country, and he is counting on the younger lawyers who will be instrumental in the change that he is longing for.

NetPicks: Foreign Exchange Basics to Keep in Mind

If you listen to traders discussing the foreign exchange market, you will notice that they shorten the name to forex. This market is considered to be the most profitable in the world because it has managed to surpass the rest of the financial markets, especially when it comes to size. The market has continued to achieve a lot of growth in the challenging times because of its popularity among the investors. This market is often used by people to trade several currencies that have been issued by their government.

The forex market was founded so that organizations and people in a country can exchange various forms of cash with each other. The market has been offering opportunities to speculators so that they can purchase one form of currency and resell it to other investors at a profit when the currency value has risen. This market has existed for the last thirty years now, and it has created a system that has changed billions of people in the world. The system does not take place in a certain location. To read an article about socially responsible investment, hit on

It’s very easy to understand this market if you are a newbie. However, before investing there, you must learn the technique so that you do not make huge losses. In the forex market, investors choose to pair before there is imitating trades. For example, the investors can pair USD/JPY, meaning that they have paired the Japanese Yen and the American dollar. The prices of the currencies mostly change when the trades are buying and also selling them in the forex market. The experts in the market make their decisions according to the value of the currency and the foreign counterpart it has been paired with.   Tutorials are available for readers, visit their page.

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If you are looking for valuable information about the forex market, it is wise to consult professionals such as NetPicks. The organization has been in this market for a while now, and it has been focusing on assisting investors to develop great trading skills. The people who have been working with NetPicks in the last twenty-five years have been successful in forex market, making consistent profits every day. The founder of the institution has a lot of expertise in foreign exchange, and this explains the success of the company.  Get connected now log in to this useful link.

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Market Strategies and NetPicks Investor and Foreign Exchange training

Various investors use forex to trade with different government-issued currencies. The forex market typically avails opportunities for risk takers and speculators to realize profit by buying and reselling money. In forex, investors simply pair two foreign currencies before they initiate trade.

The foreign exchange trade is usually appealing mainly because anyone can trade and with even relatively small deposits and the most common currency pairs usually involve the dollar. However, the investors ought to plan their steps carefully before making a decision, and although there is a need for caution, they should also be very careful to manage these risks to prevent occurrence of heavy losses. Today, it is really easy to participate in forex trading although if you are an amateur, you ought to take extra precaution.

NetPicks is an organization that seeks to help and advice people on advanced trading skills to enable them to acquire consistent profits. It was founded by Mark Soberman in 1996 who has been an options trader for over 25 years now. He started out with fax machines as well as the internet to advice people around the globe on investment ideas. Its training does not only concentrate on theories, one factor that makes it likable and it also customizes every client’s education to meet individual needs.

NetPicks’ headquarters are in Irving, Texas and has a full staff of experienced and passionate real traders whose passion lies at helping everyone achieve their trading goals hence you can be sure you will be acquiring the very best attention and advice you deserve.  Read and learn something about trading, click this link.

Their trading systems are typically designed with three specific goals in mind, a full-time career, part-time income and done in minutes. Yours is only to choose your objective, and they do the rest of the work for you. They also ensure that you learn a lot in a short while with personalized training for the wide range of traders.  Trading tips are available in this link on

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It may not be hard to understand the basics of forex trade, but for the starters, it may take some time to become pros in the same and to ensure that you gain. However, whatever level of familiarity with forex trading you may be, ensure you visit educative tutorial sites such as NetPicks to ensure you are always at par with current trends and always informed as well.  Hop over to to read an important review on Netpicks.

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Adam Milstein; the Jewish Philanthropist

Adam is a Jewish philanthropist who is a native of Israel. From an early age, he understood that hard work and success were related. Adam served during the Yom Kippur War and after that graduated from the Technion. Mr. Milstein has an MBA from USC. After finishing his studies, he began a career in the Commercial Real Estate in 1983. Adan Milstein is currently serving as a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

Mr. Milstein Identifies the importance of Jewish values he being a Jew. His strong beliefs let to the Sifriyat Pijama B’America foundation which he co-founded with his wife. The organization focuses on educating Israeli-Jewish-Americanfamilies in the United States on the importance o Jewish values. The company provides free monthly books in Hebrew to children. His philanthropic work fosters the strengthening of Jewish people and that for one to be part of the solution, one needs to understand the problem and review the issue. Adam and Gila supports a couple of organizations through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. It is from such ties Mr. Milstein reveals that spending money, or rather having dinner with his family as very important to him.

Adam Milstein knew from a young age that he wanted more than just being employed. Many recruiters offered him less than he deserved when compared to his experience and knowledge. Mr. Adam was driven to go out on his own and work as a Real Estate Commercial Broker;he supports that businessmen should always follow their leads. After three successful years, he ventured into becoming an investor in real estate.

Mr. Milstein believes that entrepreneurs should be persistent and consistent in their endeavors and credits his partner as to being a visionary and great thinker with a positive influence on his thinking. A failure he experienced as an entrepreneur was trying to make a fortune over a short period.Success cannot be achieved through the quick way but rather the long way. This can be demonstrated on the occasion where he bought alarge amount of inventory to sell after the sale of a few art pieces proved to be successful.

What Defines Forex Trade and How to Make a Kill in the Market As Explained By NetPicks

The foreign exchange (forex) market is among the oldest and largest markets in the world. Trade in this market involves currencies where people exchange one currency for another in the course of doing business. In other instances, traders known as speculators buy different currencies with the intention of reselling them upon their appreciation in value. The value of a currency is compared against another currency; for example, the British pound against the U.S. dollar. In that particular case, the value of a dollar may rise or fall compared with the pound, and that defines the entire trading. Forex traders are able to read the trend of different foreign currencies and speculate what their worth will be in the future.

Succeeding in Forex Trade

The advantages associated with forex trade are many. Among the notable advantages is the fact that traders are usually at their liberty to trade at any time of the day; the market never closes. Secondly, the deposits required for a new trader to join the market are relatively smaller. Thirdly, profits are most often than not higher than a majority of markets anyone can ever invest in. Most importantly, the returns associated with this type of trade can easily be accounted for and are quick to come by. Among the currencies’ pair that traders find highly profitable include the combination of either of these: UK£, US$, and the Japanese Yen.  Read additional important article, hop over to this link.

When doing trade, NetPicks advises traders to always be cautious in their undertakings. Investors are advised to avoid betting more than 2% of their money in a single transaction so that they can reduce the risk of running out of business as an effect of multiple losses. As for newcomers in the forex market, 1% of their total bank balances is just a good enough risk.  Watch tutorials available on their channel.

About NetPicks

NetPicks Trading Strategies was among the pioneer online trading strategists. It was founded in 1996 and has since then helped traders- seasoned and amateurs- to invest in forex and stock trade.   To read more about trading, check this useful link.

Mark Soberman is the lead investment trainer at NetPicks. He leads a team of a dedicated group of traders whose excellence in trading is unmatched within Texas and America at large.

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Market America Products Continue to Serve Wider Consumer-base

Being a product brokerage and internet marketing company, Market America distributes a wide range of goods in several states across the globe. Market America products can be categorized into:

  • Health and nutrition products – This include scientifically-advanced formula from Isotonix supplements meant to give the body utmost benefits from minerals and vitamins.
  • Home and garden care products -These include household cleaning chemicals among other products from Snap.
  • Weight management products – This is Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS), a diet program that helps lose weight through meal replacement and supplements. Market America products under this category have been heckled by many due to their huge benefits.
  • Automotive care – Involves a range of auto care products from Auto works.
  • Pet care products – Include PetHealth company product that is sprinkled over dog and cats food to protect against radicals that are believed to lower immune, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular functions in pets.
  • Cosmetics and jewelry- Include makeup, body care and skin care products from Motives Loren Ridinger
  • Personal care products- Include first class products meant to enhance appearance and style from Royal Spa, Fixx and Skintelligence
  • Water filter systems – Include an exceptional water filter system from Pure H20 working to produce great-tasting water and reduce over 60 commonly occurring contaminants.

All Market America products are available through through reputable online platforms.

Positive attitude will help you grow your Market America Unfranchise business

Putting positive energy in your Unfranchise venture is the greatest secret towards success. According to Jim Winkler, Market America’s vice president in charge of sales, a person that has both correct attitude together and good product knowledge is destined to succeed in this business. He goes ahead to advice entrepreneurs that they should always look for relevant business information from reliable sources. To know about the Market America click here.

The experienced salesman explains how much a person is willing to do determine whether he/she will succeed or not. He reminds young entrepreneurs that no one was born successful and that everyone must work smart in order to be successful. He recommends continuous consultations between entrepreneurs and senior partners. Winker encourages Unfranchise business partners to always remain connected to the Market America family.



Adam Milstein is one of the most exemplary American-Israeli community leader and philanthropist. Moreover, he is a dynamic real estate advisor and investor. In fact, he is one of the Managing Partners of Hager Pacific Properties. This is a commercialized real estate private firm.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel. He had the opportunity of participating in the Yom Kippur War while serving the Israel Defense Forces. In 1978, the philanthropist graduated from Technion. In 1981, he immigrated to America. In 1983 he was in Southern California and it is here that he launched his career in Real Estate as a Commercial Broker. This is immediately after he attended the University of Southern California and attained his Entrepreneurship MBA. After working successfully in this capacity for three years, he decided to broaden his horizons in Real Estate Investment.

Adam Milstein attributes his success in entrepreneurship to being persistent, consistent, following up, tackling tasks on his own, his passion for philanthropy and integrity. He enjoys working and he believes the fluctuating nature of the real estate world is exciting. The entrepreneur makes his ideas materialize by pushing his agenda. Mr. Milstein believes that employers shouldn’t rely on their employees and that they should always reflect on an issue and understand it before coming up with a solution. The self-driven realtor works very hard and he never listens to criticism. He also advises upcoming realtors that it takes a few years to make money in the industry. Mr. Milstein learned one of his biggest lessons in business while he was still in school. This is after an art selling business turned sour.

Apart from his established career in real estate, he is also on the board of numerous influential organizations. These organizations include StandWithUs, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Jewish Founders Network, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council, Hasbara Fellowships, and Israel on Campus Coalition among others. In addition to this, the realtor is the National Chairman and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. Mr. Milstein is the chair of the national expansion of this established body. Moreover, the philanthropist and his wife also co-founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This philanthropic organization supplies free Hebrew books every month to Israeli-American families of Jewish descent. These books teach Jewish ideals to over 15,000 eager families.

An in depth look at Dr. Imran Haque

Imran Haque is an Internal Medicine Physician based out of North Carolina. Imran Haque has been in practice for almost two decades. He provides a variety of physician services such as physical exams, treating diabetes, body contouring and much more.

Currently, Dr. Haque is directly affiliated with a number of hospitals and medical centers within the Asheboro area. Imran Haque is affiliated with Kindred Hospital which is just outside of Greensboro. In addition, the doctor does daily rounds at the Randolph Hospital. Dr. Haque is known to be an excellent Physician with a caring and friendly manner.

Dr. Haque graduated from Iberoamericana Universidad (University). The University is also referred to as UNIBE Medical College. Dr. Haque graduated with top honors and he received a partial scolarship to medical school.

Dr. Haque has regular office hours during the week. He treats men, women as well as children. Although, he is not considered a Pediatric Physician. Dr. Haque has Ultrasound and other testing equipment in his office. Therefore, patients do not have to go to an outside testing facility when specific medical tests are required. Dr. Imran Haque is able to obtain test results fairly quickly.

Dr. Haque is Board Licensed and fully Certified. He provides individualized care to each and every patient that walks through his door. Dr. Haque will diagnose a problem and come up with an effective treatment plan which is suitable for the patient.

Dr. Imran Haque is also a laser hair specialist. The doctor can effectively remove unwanted hair through a series of laser treatments. Laser hair removal is permanent and it must be done carefully over a period of time. Dr. Haque is considered one of the best in the business as far as laser hair removal is concerned.

If a patient has a problem or illness that Dr, Haque can not effectively treat, he will refer the person to another Physician that can possibly help the person. The doctor is familiar with a network of skilled Physicians that handle cases in which he may not be able to treat. Dr. Haque also makes it a point to visit any patient that may be hospitalized. He makes regular rounds to nearby hospitals.

Tesla Inventions Are Good News to Copper, Says Matt Badiali

     What comes into your investing mind when you hear the name Tesla? Bad fossil fuel prices, Tesla share or charging station products maybe. To Matt Badiali, the growing success that is Tesla rings a totally different but still relevant bell. Matt has created a connection between the steady growth of demand in electric cars with an undeniable increase in the need for copper over time.

Tesla and other electric car manufactures might not yet be the biggest copper consumers but the fact that considerably more copper goes into these car’s wiring means that the demand will grow exponentially as the number of electric cars in the market goes up. If Tesla can keep producing amazing cars that convince us that we don’t really need to rely that much on fossil fuels, chances are that more and more people will start paying closer attention to the electric car bandwagon.

It only takes a steady growth in demand for the cars for copper prices to go up. However, Matt warns that it might take a while before the changes trickle down to raw copper positions since the long process between mining copper and selling it as electric wire will first have to soak up the rising demand before it can pass it down to the rest of the market.

About Mr. Badiali

Matt Badiali has earned a reputation as that investment advisor who always comes up with innovative investment ideas at all times. To Matt, the money is where not everyone dares to look. This is why you will find him traveling across the globe trying to get in touch with different markets and understand them long before the news and other journalists figure what is happening.

This has given him a considerable edge that has allowed him to latch onto different natural resource related fields long before the competition starts streaming in. His eye for killer investment has earned him editorial positions in popular investment advisory publications while also making him a renowned investor in different markets. With a master’s degree in geology, he is best placed at making investment decisions related to natural gas, oil and minerals.

Consequently, Matt Badiali has been very vocal and surprisingly accurate when calling investment opportunities in these two niches. Currently, his latest gut feeling on the possible prices of copper in the near future is not only a result of his understanding of the mineral but also a keen inspection of the immediate target market and the forces pushing it up or down.

Securus Strikes a Deal to Purchase Jpay Inc.

Securus has signed an agreement with Jpay that will see the giant Prison telecommunication company acquire JPay Inc. JPay is a technology company based in Florida that provides tablet, email and payment products to more than 33 states departments.


Such products are essential to the correctional facility since they help to reduce recidivism, reduce waste and also stop crime. According to Securus CEO Rick Smith, they will have more capability to handle anything software/tech based that can facilitate operation in any modern jail or prison with such a merger.


Securus has paid close attention to the JPay’s innovative force in the industry and forging such an alliance is essential since its going to help them get great products at affordable prices. Their partnership will also make it easier to provide products that not only reduce recidivism but also offer top-notch security.


According to JPay CEO Ryan Shapiro, they have always been ready to expand their footprint given that the company’s products have for a long time offered great value to every constituent, friends, family, prison staff and also inmates.


The company has also strived to create products that can be adopted in large scale and partnering with Securus will realize their dream in a short period. Shapiro credits his team for the continued provision of products that not only help inmates transition into viable citizens but also make the prison more efficient and safer.


He also acknowledges that secures values their company culture and this will help both companies forge a solid relationship. Once the merger is effected Securus will own Jpay as a subsidiary, and this will provide an opportunity for Jpay to operate as it does today but with the advantages presented by secures vast resources and deep relationships. It’s also important to note that the transaction is still subject to customary condition which also includes regulatory approval.