A Variety Of Items Chris Burch Says Can Make Great Gifts For Family Or Friends

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital about nine years ago because he has used different ideas and cost-cutting ways of distributing products before when starting his own businesses, and at his venture capital firm he wants to encourage others to use a combination of art, financial acumen and branding ideas to build new companies.

Burch’s portfolio has a variety of startups in fashion retail and e-commerce, alternative power technology, talent searching and organic foods. But he also has companies that craft home goods, some of which he says can make great gifts when you want something for a family member or friend. A few things that Burch loves are Barbour Gisburne jackets, a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, Snowe Home candles and candies from Fatty Sundays.

Chris Burch is a New York native who is a billionaire today, but he came a long way to get there. When he was only in college, he started a gig buying large quantities of sweaters from a factory in Ithaca, NY. He and his brother sold the sweaters door-to-door first, and after expanding sales to other campuses, small stores and then larger retail chains, Burch turned this gig into a full retail company named Eagle Eye Apparel.  Check bjtonline.com.   The company made millions of dollars in sales during the 21 years Burch was CEO, and he sold it later when he decided to invest in other startups. He and his then wife Tory Burch, a fashion model started a unique fashion line that was promoted on a lot of TV daytime shows and became a big hit in the mid-2000s. Burch later sold his share in that company a few years after starting Burch Creative Capital.  For his latest innovative offering to the market, check inc.com.

Chris Burch has formed some partnerships with some famous businessmen and celebrities including Alan Faena, who he helped finance the building of the Faena Hotel + Universe, and Ellen DeGeneres who he helped start a home lifestyle company. Burch became passionate about the hospitality industry a few years ago when he decided to buy the shares of Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba Island and started building new vacation villa homes there, and he even built his own multi-million dollar home there. Burch is also a philanthropist who has given to an orthopedic research institute and a private boarding school.

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