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TMS Health Solutions Treats Patients Suffering from Mental Health Conditions

fA mental health condition can be a challenge for anyone within the patient’s circle. Mental health problems cause depression, anxiety, mental confusion, and isolation. These conditions can make it even harder for those suffering to realize their illness. It takes some people years to approach treatments. Many others have suffered years even undergoing therapies that produced few positive results.

The good thing about a mental health disorder is that it can be addressed, no matter how long the individual has suffered. Thousands of people have undergone TMS therapy treatments at TMS Health Solutions facilities. The TMS Health Solutions team listens to patients before designing an individual therapy for each patient. As such, there are several exciting new treatments and therapies that individuals are privy to at TMS Health Solutions.

Each therapy is patient-centered. TMS Health Solutions work hard to help loved ones and their relatives make the right decision to seek TMS therapy treatment. Clinicians and practitioners undergo research, on-going education, and training to offer clients the best treatments possible.

TMS Health Solutions offers a comprehensive package of medication management and psychiatric services for people suffering from mental health conditions including clinical depression and dementia. Unfortunately, not all patients will respond to the normal treatments of depression. TMS Health Solutions offers a treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. The FDA approves this procedure that offers a non-invasive solution for patients who do not respond well to antidepressants and other relative treatments.

TMS works by placing a magnetic coil around the patient’s scalp. The magnetic pulse stimulates nerve cells in the brain’s region that deals with mood and depression. The magnetic pulse may also stimulate areas of the brain where decreased activity is the result of depression.

TMS Health Solutions receives insurance coverage for TMS treatments and medications from a number of the nation’s most respected insurance carriers. Depression is difficult for any individual to live with. It can also be hard on an individual’s family or anyone within the person’s circle of influence. However, finding the right help and support is critical for getting better. Depression is treatable, and TMS can be an effective treatment when standard treatments or medications fail to work.

Netpicks’ Tools for Traders Who Want To Engage in FX Trading

There’s a lot of sensational but sometimes flagrantly written finance news out there. There’s so much noise, and useful information that end up distracting you. In terms of current finance news, one of the most stirring news today is from Hi Tech Chronicle, and it’s about the finance analysis of online trading company Netpicks about FX trading and the ability of traders to take part in this and to nvest in price movements of a variety of currencies (

It is for the knowledge of everyone that Forex Trades are based only on speculation on whether a price currency changes, fluctuates or goes completely down. For the information of many, Forext Trading, or FX trading, is an opportunity for traders to trade currency pairs in a decentralized setting and market. With this kind of set-up, it’s easier for people to trade across the globe using electronic methods, such as over-the-counter financial instruments and methods. The countries where the traders can participate could go from Paris, Sydney to New York and London.

The Netpicks Tools

Being a trader doesn’t give you a lot of forbearance to people’s inefficacies. In a world where you have so many tools to help you with your trading work, it’s hard to imagine why a person would still find it hard to work with the basics of trading. Some of the profligate tools that many people can use to make sure that traders get ahead is the live signal service that’s being provided by Netpicks. With such tool, traders can get access to the market for 24/hrs a day, even when, for example, the New York Stock exchange closes. This allows traders to make trades even when trade currency pairs in some countries are closed.  Access their tutorial blogs, visit their page.

About NetPicks

Netpicks is a trading assistance company that was founded in 1996. This company was started when investors were just starting to do online trading ventures. With the tools from Netpicks, it’s now easier for traders to gain advantage over various market deals.  Read reviews here.

With its main office at Irving Texas, Mark Soberman, Co-developer of Netpicks, handles his staff to offer a variety of helpful insight for traders interested in forex trading.

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A Variety Of Items Chris Burch Says Can Make Great Gifts For Family Or Friends

Chris Burch founded Burch Creative Capital about nine years ago because he has used different ideas and cost-cutting ways of distributing products before when starting his own businesses, and at his venture capital firm he wants to encourage others to use a combination of art, financial acumen and branding ideas to build new companies.

Burch’s portfolio has a variety of startups in fashion retail and e-commerce, alternative power technology, talent searching and organic foods. But he also has companies that craft home goods, some of which he says can make great gifts when you want something for a family member or friend. A few things that Burch loves are Barbour Gisburne jackets, a U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, Snowe Home candles and candies from Fatty Sundays.

Chris Burch is a New York native who is a billionaire today, but he came a long way to get there. When he was only in college, he started a gig buying large quantities of sweaters from a factory in Ithaca, NY. He and his brother sold the sweaters door-to-door first, and after expanding sales to other campuses, small stores and then larger retail chains, Burch turned this gig into a full retail company named Eagle Eye Apparel.  Check   The company made millions of dollars in sales during the 21 years Burch was CEO, and he sold it later when he decided to invest in other startups. He and his then wife Tory Burch, a fashion model started a unique fashion line that was promoted on a lot of TV daytime shows and became a big hit in the mid-2000s. Burch later sold his share in that company a few years after starting Burch Creative Capital.  For his latest innovative offering to the market, check

Chris Burch has formed some partnerships with some famous businessmen and celebrities including Alan Faena, who he helped finance the building of the Faena Hotel + Universe, and Ellen DeGeneres who he helped start a home lifestyle company. Burch became passionate about the hospitality industry a few years ago when he decided to buy the shares of Nihiwatu Resort in Sumba Island and started building new vacation villa homes there, and he even built his own multi-million dollar home there. Burch is also a philanthropist who has given to an orthopedic research institute and a private boarding school.

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Bradesco’s New CEO Wants To Maintain Profitability While Expanding Their Digital Footprint According To Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Brazil is finally showing positive gross domestic product growth. After three years of negative growth, Brazil is getting its feet back on solid ground. IT growth is opening the door for more investors to sink their money into this massive South American country. The digital age hit Brazil with the force and fury of a category four hurricane, and banks like Bradesco are taking advantage of this newfound wealth stream. The mobile phone business is just one segment of the IT market, and it is on fire. New startups are popping up all over the country, thanks to President Temer’s push to get Brazil into the digital age. Temer may not be around after the elections, but he’s in the driver’s seat right now. The country is making progress. Interest rates are coming down, and more people are credit-worthy, so consumer spending is on the way up.

The banks in Brazil are in a great position. They make money by investing and having insurance in place that protects them from economic downturns. Interest rates are falling, but that doesn’t hurt the banks as much as banks in other countries because Brazilian banks carry insurance policies that protect them. Plus, the big banks have insurance divisions that sell home, life, auto and other insurance products, and that puts a lot of revenue on the bottom line. The president of the bank’s insurance division, Seguros, is the new CEO of the bank. That is some indication of how powerful the insurance segment of the market is in Brazil.

Read more: O Bradesco, de Brandão a Trabuco

Insurance executive Octavio Lazari is the new CEO of Bradesco. He is filling the shoes of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Cappi was a Seguros president before he got the big CEO job, so Lazari knows he has a lot of support at the top. Trabuco Cappi is the new Chairman of the Board, so he’s not going anywhere. Cappi is the face of the bank on Wall Street and in Sao Paulo, so Lazari will have work to do to reinforce Cappi’s way of doing business. Chairman Lázaro de Mello Brandão, the oldest banker on the planet, is finally calling it quits after 75 years with Bradesco the second largest bank in Brazil. Brandão was around when Bradesco was a small city bank. He knows Cappi’s reputation and Lazari’s age will give the bank the right mix of talent.

At 91, Mr. Brandão is going to try to pull back, but banking is in his blood. And advice is something he dishes out on a regular basis and no one believes he will stop doing that, according to Cappi. Cappi knows first-hand what’s it like to have Brandão in the banking trenches. Cappi and Brandão have long working relationship. In 1969, Cappi was fresh out of school, University of Sao Paolo. He sat down with Bradesco executives, and they gave him the opportunity to join the bank’s training program as clerk. That was the start of a long banking career for Cappi. Cappi’s education did not include finance, but that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the top banker’s in the world. His executive team is one of the best in the industry, and Lazari is not going to upset that team in the future. Wall Street is depending on Lazari to follow in Cappi’s footsteps.

Four members of the executive team will have board seats in 2018, so it appears it will be business as usual for Bradesco except for the fact that Lazari will now be the face of the bank according to Cappi will still call the shots behind the scenes, according to some employees. He plays a major role in the bank’s revenue stream, so Lazari will have plenty of help after the shareholders vote him in on March 12th. No one expects the shareholders to oppose Lazari because he has what it takes to be a strong CEO, according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

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NetPicks Helps People Plan For Different Trading Speeds

Trading is one of the most interesting things to do to make money. For one thing, one technique that worked at one point is not going to work at a different point. For instance, people who are used to making gains in a slow and peaceful market are not going to be able earn a lot in a faster moving market unless they know a few tips that can help them. Fortunately, NetPicks has tips that can help people profit in a faster market. While some people may be attracted to the idea of trading in a faster market, there are a few things that make the market really tricky in its more volatile state.   More guiding tips here.

One thing that NetPicks makes clear is that many of the traders do not have a plan for the faster market conditions. It is important to have a solid plan for faster markets. This is the difference between making a fortune and losing a fortune. There are a lot of things that people can do in response to a faster market. One thing they can do is try to figure out a trend in the market and trade with the trend ( Another thing they can do is step back and observe.

For some people, it is a better idea to just sit back and allow the others to handle the volatile market conditions. When everything calms down, then it is a good idea for people to make a trade. However, there is a time when a calm market becomes volatile (  Traders have to make sure that they know when the market is going to change up on them according to forecasts and everything. This will help them avoid any nasty surprises that will wipe out all of their gains and take them back to square one (

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Ara Ackerman: Healthcare Founder

Ara Chackerian, an entrepreneur and investor, is the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings and the co-founder of TMS Health Partners. Chackerian is also what is known as an Angel Investor, which is an individual that invests their own capital into a business as opposed to a venture capitalist who invests other people’s money hoping to turn a profit for themselves. Ara has a passion for investing in healthcare companies that are still in their early stages that want to change the broken United States healthcare system.

In 1991, Ara Chackerman earned his bachelor of arts in Marketing from Florida State University. He has over two decades of creating healthcare companies worth of experience. Before TMS Health Partners, he co-founded other companies such as BMS Diagnostics and PipelineRx. BMS Diagnostics provides diagnostic imaging services while PiplelineRx provides Telepharmacy services. Ara Chackerman has held the position of Executive Chairman of PipelineRx as well as TMS Health Solutions. At BMC Diagnostics, he was the Chief Executive Officer.

TMS Health Solutions is an outpatient mental health service provider. While they provide transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments for patients, they also provide other, more traditional treatments in conjunction with the therapy. Ara Ackerman’s company currently has 6 locations in the Sacramento and San Francisco areas. There are plans to have 25 locations in Northern California in the next five years. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Ara Ackerman is also a philanthropist and has put many hours and a lot of his own money into helping different organizations thrive. In 2009 he was inspired to help create the mentoring program for orphans Nor Luce after visiting his father’s native country Armenia. Ara Ackerman’s Nor Luyce assists young women as they go into adulthood from being an orphan. He is the main funder for the organization and he sits on their board. They have had great success with the program and have changed lives. From 2011 to 2016, he served as the Chairman Emeritus for Juma Ventures. He served initiatives with a goal of poverty alleviation through youth development and college access. You can visit Vimeo for more videos.


NetPicks Offers Superior Quality for Forex Markets

Recently, there have been changes to the way that the Forex market is traded. They have cultivated ongoing standards of development including diversified aspects of design such as pairing currencies. It is easier to establish lasting results with Netpicks because of their consistent attention to detail and wide variety of options.

Users are able to establish highly developed standards of operation through the continual development of these core markets. Forex trading has been simplified with NetPicks because they give users access to exchanges around the world. The broad diversity in options is a unique advantage that has yielded critical aspects of progress and design throughout the world of online trading. They make it easy to get the best results even for traders who are just starting out.

Trading is an important part of the way that NetPicks helps their users have the best experience. They have been around for more than two decades having been established in 1996. Their use of trading education, expert advise in addition to differences propagated by signals as well as other kinds of strategies set them apart from competitors. More guiding tips here.   Forex, Futures, Options, Stocks as well as ETFs are some of the factors that make it possible for lasting results in the process of trading.

Making the Difference in Trading

NetPicks has helped make significant trades as well as develop the way that market success is leveraged for the best results. Some of the ways that this organization has propagated growth is related to the way that part time and full time careers can be maintained on this system. Some of the variegated options that are available in this system include virtual login strategies in addition to multidimensional aspects of the infrastructure and design.  Read reviews on

Users have ranked NetPicks very highly on a number of different accounts. They have helped improve the way that individuals are educated as well as the approach that they may take to achieving success. There are also unique aspects of competent design as well as professional service that have led to the establishment of organizational and individual business methods. Trading support is another area that NetPicks greatly surpasses the competition and yields diversified results.  Get connected, check

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Jeremy Goldstein Recommendation on Employment Incentives

When it comes to corporations, they are many factors which hinder the creation of a sustainable environment for economic growth. At times, addressing these problems is a challenge, Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney, based in New York says these situations can lead employers and investors to lose their incentives if not addressed well. Having experience in large corporations like Bank of America, Verizon Wireless and SBC communications, Mr. Goldstein recommends new ways of approaching this menace and offers an insight of how to handle Earning per Share, performance-based pay and incentives- based programs.


Earnings per share are usually a positive thing when it comes to employees incentives, but when it comes to shareholders, it is typically a mechanism of influencing the stock price. This arrangement usually motivates the shareholders when buying or selling their shares. Moreover, it creates a chance for the company to increase the number of payments they make to employees.


Most antagonists of Earnings per Share program claims that this method leads to favoritism in the corporations while others claim that EPS method does not in any way support the corporate growth in the end. Performance-based pay programs have also received a lot of criticism due to its unreliability and being dynamic.


New York attorney, Jeremy Goldstein, recommends a new compromise between the anti-EPS and Pro-EPS proponents. He says that instead of getting rid of pay per performance programs, which are often used by corporate to provide incentives, a new way should be formed which holds the CEOs and other executives of the corporate liable for their actions. This is by ensuring that the pay per performance goes in hand with the companies goals. It will, in turn, provide a platform for sustainable long-term growth of the company and also repeatable and measured share growth.


Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein is an attorney in Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a law firm based in New York. He studied at New York University of Law and has managed to work for large corporate(s) as an attorney. This includes NYSE Group Inc, Cingular Wireless Corporation, Bank of America, Duke Energy, Goldman Sachs and The Dow Chemical Company.


Mr. Goldstein is also a chair in the Mergers and Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation of American Bar Association Business Section which offers corporate compensation and governance issues. Also, he is a member of Professional Advisory Board of the Law and Business Journal NYU. Learn more:


Securus Technologies, Expanding Greatness!

Securus Technologies is a technology center that provides some of the best communications to jails and prisons all around the world. The company’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies has been proving state of the art communication services to their customers since 1986. Securus recently has purchased GovPayNet which will be benefiting the company in great ways in the future.


GovPayNet is a company that handles payments in digital forms for different reasons. Some of these reasons consists of citations, tickets, electronic monitoring fees, probation fees, court fees, court fines, and many other government related issues. GovPayNet has already established a healthy clientele located throughout the entire United States. The company has thousands of agencies who they work work in order to process their payments. Since Securus has purchased the company, they will now be able to process millions of more payments for people throughout the entire country. Many people are excited for the new services that Securus now has to bring to the table since they have purchased GovPayNet. GovPayNet was founded by a former officer and the spokesperson for the company seemed very excited about the new partnership.


Robert Pickens, the President of Securus, also spoke publicly and shared his feelings about the new partnership as well. For Robert, Securus has always been geared to proving their customers with nothing but the best services. Purchasing GovPayNet is just another way for the company to expand the amount of services that they are given by the company. Pickens wanted the customers and his supporters to know that even thought the amount of services are increasing the service quality level will not change. Securus will still provide quality services to all of their customers. For Securus, the company will continue to grow more and more over the years!


The Many Advantages of Aloha Construction

Does your home need some kind of renovation or restorative service? Do you reside in the state of Illinois or Southern Wisconsin? If you answered yes to either of the questions, then you’re in luck. Aloha Construction is the solution to your problems. This general contractor has become this region’s leader in home improvement services. Thanks to the estimated 450 staff members, the company can complete numerous jobs through efficient sourcing. Business has been so good to where (AC) has opened a second office in Bloomington, Illinois. At this stage, the company can now serve the entire state of Illinois in less time.

What can I expect from Aloha Construction? This answer is very simple because any type of home renovation services can be completed. Since its inception in 2008, the company has completed over 18,000 projects. The numbers are simply amazing when you view them on paper. This general contractor is on a mission of excellence, and it has a very long list of happy customers. Siding installation, roof repair, roof cleaning, door installation, window fascia repair, bathroom repair, kitchen remodel, stucco installation, chimney repair, gutter repair, soffit installation and many more projects are on the menu. Just about everything that’s home repair-related is being handled accordingly. The company is insured as well as bonded. Unlike other general contractors, your property will be respected while work commences. What more can you ask for? On top of that, Aloha Construction offers a free property inspection.

One of the best features here is the nine-step inspection process. This thorough and in-depth process will get to the root of the problem. Homeowners will also receive a 10-year craftsmanship warranty. Aloha Construction is simply amazing thanks to its wide array of services, its know-how, and its capabilities.

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