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Andrew Rolfe Augments The Operations Of The Ubuntu Education Fund

The Ubuntu Education Fund is a revered charitable institution. Having been in operation for over a decade, the institution has been able to help more than 400,000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through the leadership of Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula and Jacob Lief, the Ubuntu Fund has continued to offer its services to the needy families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Recently, Andrew Rolfe organized for a successful gala dinner in London. The occasion attracted many philanthropists and revered entrepreneurs. Andrew enlisted the services of a Xhosa choir to provide entertainment to the guests. During the invitation-only event, Jacob Lief was given the opportunity to deliver his speech to the audience. He posited that there is great need to help the young ones. In addition, Sinesipho Rabidyani shared her inspiring story with the audience. She asserted that as a young child, her father’s drinking behavior made it difficult for her to live comfortably at home. However, she excelled in her studies. Sinesipho’s story caught the eyes of the management of the Ubuntu Fund, who in one accord decided to award her a scholarship. Presently, she is a university student pursuing a degree in law.

At the end of the event, the Fund had raised over $972,960, which is approximately R10 million in South Africa. This amount shall be used in expanding the Fund’s pediatric clinic and school campus, which are centered in Port Elizabeth. One these projects have been completed successfully, the management of the Fund will be in a position to enroll more needy students. Notably, the Ubuntu Fund is running a noble program. According to the program, the Fund supports children from their formative years until when they secure jobs. Presently, the institution is supporting over 2,000 disadvantaged children. They are seeking to increase this number in the near future.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is the chairperson of the noble institution. Under his visionary leadership, the Ubuntu Fund has managed to secure funding from different institutions, individuals and well-wishers.

Andrew is an alumnus of the Harvard University. He has extensive experience in running the operations of various organizations. This is because he is the former executive of the Gap, PepsiCo Restaurants International, Booker Foodservice and Pret A. Manger. Helps Customers Pick Sustainable Companies To Invest In

It’s no secret that the world’s natural resources have been seeing a decline with the numerous hazards coming their way. Certain companies are trying their best to incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly methods for their operations to mitigate as much harm to the environment as they can. On the other hand, there are companies that just do not care about the environment and their social responsibility. As human beings, it should be our prerogative to support those organizations that are working to preserve our world rather than destroy it, and the same goes for investments.

Of course, not everyone may think of only supporting green corporations since most people look at investments as a way to make a good amount of money. The truth is that there are indeed certain companies that are socially responsible and are also good investment options, but very few people know about them. is a site that offers investment advice for those who want to invest wisely, but don’t know where are the right places to do so. In addition to the regular investment options, the site also gives investors the chance to go to only those companies that are working on a policy of sustainability, while ensuring that everyone makes the most out of every transaction. has been receiving excellent customer reviews by people who have used this site to find out the best investment options.  For additional reading check

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Whitney Wolfe is 27 years old. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. Bumble is a female focused dating app. Whitney Wolfe created the app in an attempt to eradicate ghosting which is ceasing contact with a romantic partner without explanation. Shirtless selfies and solicited photos of male genitalia. She viewed the three as limitations of a product and she wanted to deliver better product that would not have the three disadvantages. And this is how Bumble was created.

Bumble is now two years old. In the app, women have to make the first move. Nudity is not allowed and the users are supposed to be kind. This app has attracted so-called shy guys sensitive new age guys and the women who like dating such men. It has over 18 million users.

Whitney Wolfe is also the founder of Tinder another dating app. The app was criticized for promoting the hookup culture which is viewed as disadvantageous to women. This explains the name Feminist Tinder given to Bumble. Whitney Wolfe’s departure from Tinder was characterized by her founder title being stripped, break up with her boyfriend and even a lawsuit. All this lead to her innovation of Bumble.

Bumble’s biggest innovation is giving women the control of hunting as compared to the normal hunter. The question, however, is whether we are ready to move to the next step of a woman making the first move and the men being okay with it. Whitney Wolfe, however, is positive that this is the solution to aggressive behavior shown by men who are rejected. In the app, the man will feel flattered when picked and will not have to deal with rejection.

Bumble has 35 employees. Two of these are former Tinder employees. Bumble has much more apps such as Bumble BFF for platonic female friendships. Bumble Bizz networking app. And recently acquired Chappy for lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual people.

Bumble is currently looking into establishing a physical in New York where dates will be meeting. They are calling the new place Hive. Hive is aimed at bringing the online community around the Bumble brand to a formal stage. This will also include friends and even business people who like being associated with it even if they do not use it for dating.

Socially Responsible Investing With Netpicks

Being socially responsible is more important today than it ever has been. Many people probably think about the more common ways to be socially responsible, everyday things like controlling pollution or working with the local economies of the areas they do business in. The responsibility goes beyond this, however, and companies need to maintain all aspects of this to both stay running as a profitable entity, which in turn means they are being economically socially responsible, keeping employees working and well paid so they can provide for their families. Next is legal and ethical business practices to ensure everyone is treated fairly. Then environmental causes, making sure we have a cleaner, sustainable world going forward.

Netpicks both works with in these points themselves as well as helps others. One of the ways they help accomplish this is through offering training to traders on ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds. These ETFs are similar to mutual bonds and traded like stocks, and have been deemed to offer some of the more socially responsible investment options. ETFs that focus on environmental, gender and diversity based companies or issues tend to perform very well and rank as some of the highest point socially responsible investments on the market. Important info available on

Started in 1996, Netpicks works to provide the best in trading education to active and potential new traders. Staffed by real traders who are passionate about trading and sharing their best knowledge, each staff member is still actively trading with years of experience behind them in the ups and downs of all aspects of trading. For their recent timeline activities, better check on this

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Avoiding theoretic and academics, Netpicks focus on the direct information a trader needs to know, in several intensities to meet the needs of all traders. That can be trading as a full-time career, a part time income maker or a short time hobby trader. Any of these options cut the instruction down so the trader will not need to spend hours studying, and each option offers world class support, ensuring the trader is guided through every step to success. Know what the experts says about NetPicks, browse on

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MB2 Dental – Devoted to Ensure Best Service is rendered to Dental Patients

MB2 Dental is a firm that is wholly owned by dentists and specializes in dental management and practice. In other words, MB2 Dental serves as a partner to affiliated dentists throughout the world. The related offices are provided with a suite of services which make it easier for them to run their services efficiently, therefore upholding patient care and standards of care.

In these MB2 dental offices, 100% clinical autonomy is maintained, and every facet of this practice is carried out. Just like any other focused firm, MB2 Dental works towards ensuring that dentists in any community can focus on what they do and do it to the best of their ability, to provide their patients with the best dental care. It believes that by helping dentists with their business aspect of their practice, they will, in turn, be devoted to meet their patients’ needs.

MB2 also strives to provide their affiliated owners with a team of professionals. These experts will be in charge of offering the required knowledge, guidance and personalized systems to ensure that nonclinical tasks such as running a successful practice are well handled. This way, the owner can make strategic decisions and attend to the patient’s needs.

At the helm of the organization’s management is Dr. Chris who is the creator and president. Though born in Ohio, Mr. Chris has spent most of his early life in Asia and South America. He, however, graduated high school in Caracas, Venezuela.

Mr. Chris holds BS Microbiology from the University of Florida and DMD from Nova Southeastern University. He amasses years of practice as a dentist and dentist instructor associate and also a mentor. Apart from that, he has served as an activist for the practice focused on doctors practice model and dental director. To say the least, Dr. Chris is quite informed in matters provider and dental services as a business. On several occasions, Mr. Chris educates and mentors dentist as well as advising them on other options on completion from dental schools.

Next on the line is Justine Carrol, who is MB2 Dental’s chief operating officer. Justine has extensive experience in private equity investment, strategy, and operations improvement consulting. He has formerly been a director at Highland Capital Management, LP, and a Private Equity Group.

Here, he could identify and execute special situations private equity investments across many industries that focused on healthcare services. Justin Puckett is the MB2 Dental‘s president, while Mark Fuller is the organization’s chief financial officer.

One Quick Look From The Beginning

Where The Name Of George Soros Started

The financial world is a finicky beast. Many investors lose everything they have and by first operating on the confidence that they’re in good hands. This brings the questions of how anybody on Wall Street can ever become a success. The reality is, there are men who scale the limitations of stereotypes and become the world’s greatest financiers.George Soros is one of these financial experts who defy what we know about the odds. The odds of succeeding on Wall Street are so great that many enter years of education to prepare for their own professional career. And it’s likely the best way to get a foot in the financial markets and in a successful manner.

Where We Can Expect The Future Work To Be

All we have to do is look at George Soros and how he’s beat the markets year in and year out. No one does this without first having a great command over the trading systems. This ability to trade in the markets is how Mr. Soros created the bulk of wealth he currently holds.Once he was completely educated in college, he took that knowledge and made a name for himself. Which is something that is very clear to us now.That name is one that we know of today. And we also know that what boosted George’s career were single moments of extreme market returns. These instances were those that came and went to no one else’s know-how. The limited amount of people also trading in these “open markets” gave George such an upper hand that success was almost inevitable.

The Influence He’s Had Over Similar People

Financial professionals have since been encouraged by George Soros. They have followed his path in hopes of also receiving his same rewards. Looking at George as a model of success is a great strategy and many have benefited from what they’ve learned. The likelihood of you and I doing the same is great.The strategic methods of Mr. Soros, however, can never be explained in full. And it’s not that the public is too “dumb” to understand them. It’s that the market advantage which George has, it comes from his unique way of thinking. This thinking helped to identify the man we see today and is what also built his wealth.

NetPicks Highlights Social and Environmental Investment Opportunities

NetPicks is helping make a difference in the lives of market traders with their high-quality educational resources. They were founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman and their headquarters are in Irving, TX. They help clients by providing a wide range of resources that enable traders to understand markets better. They are experts in most markets such as commodities and currencies to name a couple.

They can assist different types of traders some of whom wish to make it a full-time career. They can also provide programs for part-time traders and occasional traders as well.

There are some hot-button issues that NetPicks provides timely information on. Socially responsible investments are now in the spotlight for those who wish to invest or trade with vehicles that match their beliefs. Environmental and gender issues, in particular, are areas where new investment vehicles have been created. Learn more about trading, Watch this helpful video clips here.

One notable green investment opportunity is with the ETF (exchange traded fund) that deals with the important issue of carbon footprint. Etho Climate Leadership U.S. ETF (ETHO) focuses on those companies with the leanest carbon footprint. There are no energy companies in this ETF and its an opportunity for those who believe strongly in environmental sustainability. For more info and helpful tips, check

There is also a unique opportunity which shines a light on the top companies that practice gender diversity. These companies show a high level of diversity in top management positions. SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE) is where investors are able to put their beliefs into action and help make inroads with this important issue.

The iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF (DSI) primarily emphasizes companies that are based in the United States and have outstanding records regarding social and environmental issues.

The iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target (CRBN) is another carbon-based fund that seeks to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the environment. These companies are based overseas and have low carbon footprints. These are mid-cap companies in established and emerging markets.

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A Look At Why UKV PLC Wine Ranks As One Of The Leading Investment Options

The unprecedented demand in the fine wine market has been brought about by the emerging markets of investors and drinkers. Superior wine brands have been performing excellently compared to more traditional investments. The price of fine wine has increased overtime, as the most demanded brands become scarce. This is because a chateau cannot produce the exact previous vintage. For one to invest in wine, it is advisable for one to ensure that the wine is obtained from a valuable source like UKV PLC. The UK-based company is a group of fine wine consultants who offer professional help in maters wine investment. Investing in UKV PLC wine is a lucrative option owing to the numerous advantages. One does not need to pay for any capital gains.

With the help of UKV PLC consultants, an investor acquires insightful information on expectations regarding the nature of the business. This situation empowers an investor with the right resources and knowledge, thus avoiding speculations. Since the value of wine increases over time, the business guarantees one a fortune in future. In addition, UKV PLC fine wine guarantees 12 percent and 15 percent returns unlike the stock market, which is volatile. The company offers its clients a wine cellar or storage service in well conditioned warehouse. The wine collection is also insured upon purchase and is fully owned by the investor. Investing in wine is also convenient since private owners are not taxed by authorities. However, an investor should consult with authorities before making any sale of a substantial fine wine collection since laws are always changing.

After Brexit, wine investments went up by approximately 20 percent. The stock crash in Great Britain resulted in increased demand for independent investment opportunities like fine wine. This made wine a stable investment option compared to metals and gold mining stocks, which are uncertain. UKV PLC experts use their wealth of knowledge to help people to select the most appropriate brand for certain occasions, including consumption and investment. The professionals discuss with investors about the available options and advice them on how they can assist in the process of maximizing the value of their businesses.

The professionals are flexible to engage in face to face meetings with their customers at selected venues. Moreover, they have an intensive network of suppliers, including brokers, merchants and retailers to ensure that there is efficient supply of wine or champagne.

Who We Look To In Modern Times

The Few Standing Figures In Society

There are a few or a handful of figures in public life today that we follow with admiration. These people aren’t famous because they’ve been found in all of our popular movies. The figures we bring to mind are men and women who make great contributions to society. And these people deserve to be honored today, so that’s what we’ll do.The central figure who we want to discuss with George Soros. He’s among the few standing figures in society to speak of. When we express the term as standing figures, we’re speaking about the men and women who have a public platform and those who have made notable contributions to the world and society as a whole.

Parts Of The World That Are In Need

One of the main factors which puts George Soros in our list of “standing figures” goes beyond the financial success he’s had to date. Granted, the contributions that the Soros Fund Management has made to the lives of individual investors has been great. Yet, what we acknowledge regarding George Soros is his keen eye for knowing what we need.

The world is in great need as we speak.

There are personal, public, employment and economic challenges that people face everyday. They are the people who need help and have often seen it from men like George Soros. But we won’t limit our discussion to those in poverty only. The help and care of George Soros goes to those expelled from society also.

Learning The George Soros Story

If you really understand the role that great men like George Soros plays, it then becomes clear as to how he developed this identity and by looking at his past. George Soros doesn’t feel the need to give back simply because of a religious order given to him. It was his own life, and the limits he had in youth which spurred the zeal we see in him today.This personal struggle for George Soros became the revolution and freedom of many people. As we look at the details in whole, it’s clear that he has only scratched the surface.

Trading on Netpicks

Netpicks is a new trading platform that many traders enjoy. One of the best ways to earn additional income is to trade stocks and different mutual funds. Investors today use technology to their advantage to find investments worth buying. Netpicks is a great trading platform because it uses technology to bring in additional information for investors.

One area that many people want to invest in today is alternative energy. Netpicks has a few alternative energy ETF’s for investors who have interest in this area. This is going to be a growing area of the market in the years ahead.

Technology and Information

To be a successful investor, one of the most important things to concentrate on is gaining relevant information. A lot of trading platforms struggle to provide valuable information for customers. Netpicks has invested a lot of money and technology in providing this information in a timely manner.  Read additional info on

Trading on Netpicks is better than other platforms because of the interactive tools that are available. This allows investors to model out different investment choices over a period of time.

Investing Advice

One of the most important aspects of investing is staying consistent over time. Few people like to keep investing when the market goes down. However, this is the best time to invest.

Netpicks has a lot of features that allow investments to be made on a periodic basis. This is a way to improve your consistency in investing. Important details available here

Anyone who is looking for a new trading platform should look at what Netpicks has to offer. Not only is this a growing company, but it is a company with a strong focus on customer service and support. This is one of the biggest reasons why the company is so highly rated versus other companies in the industry.  Read review of the company on

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