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Whitney Wolfe Gives Relationships A Different Look

In the digital age that has become a huge part of how people live in the modern world, technology is a core part of the way people live. Many people use technology as a central part of their lives. The Internet and the various things that can be done on the Internet have become very popular from the youngest to the oldest in society. There are a lot of things that are available for people to do on the Internet and through related environments.

One of the things that has become very popular in recent years is dating possibilities through apps. The use of date apps as a means of finding dates and building relationships has become something that many people are doing on a regular basis. One of the main reasons that dating apps have become widespread is because date apps can be very effective. The apps allow people to meet others that have been screened based on specific characteristics. This gives the possibility of people meeting others that they might have an interest in a good chance.

There are numerous times where people have started to date frequently, got into relationships, or became married through initial meetings on a date app. One of the date apps that has become very popular for people interested in finding dates or a relationship is the Bumble date app. This particular app is interesting for a variety of reasons. A major point of interest with the Bumble date app is that women are the primary focus of the app. The way the Bumble date app is designed is geared around the interest of women.

One of the central people behind the design of the Bumble date app is Whitney Wolfe. A business professional with a high interest in technology, Whitney Wolfe has been working with technology for many years. Whitney Wolfe has a good instinct for taking ideas and developing technology that can provide the desired product or service. Whitney Wolfe’s idea of bringing dating to the technology environment is carried out through her Bumble date app. Go Here for More Info.

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The Incredible Rise of Ohio Realtor, Tammy Mazzocco

 Tammy Mazzocco believes that her career found her. When she began working as a secretary at commercial realtor firm, The Edwards Realty Company, Tammy did not know that she would wind up as a realtor in Central Ohio. However, she became a well-known name in the industry, selling real estate in four counties.

Humble beginnings

Tammy Mozzacco’s early days in the real industry were difficult since she did not know a lot about the business side of real estate. For instance, it wasn’t easy for her to talk to customers about finances. She, however, quickly learned. To help her, an associate gave Tammy some scripts and suggested that she reads them aloud until she was comfortable speaking to people.


To motivate herself, Tammy Mozzacco sets realistic goals. These are the main tasks that she needs to perform to convince customers to purchase Homes. Once she sets a goal, she breaks it into actionable steps so that she can accomplish more without trying to achieve the entire goal at one go. She also doesn’t take herself too seriously. She says that people who take themselves too seriously tend to break when things get tough. In addition, fear of failure prevents people from starting anything, she says.


Tammy moved from the Edward Realty Firm to Scotland Yard Condominium where she worked for seven years in condominium management. At the suggestion of Scotland Yard’s General Manager, Ken Cook, Tammy became a licensed realtor in 1995. After that, Tammy got a position at T&R Properties where she managed an office warehouse compound and two apartment complexes. In 1998, Tammy became a licensed P.A. for RE/MAX producer, Joe Armeni. Seeing the operations of a successful real estate developer and agent inspired her to pursue a full time career as a real estate agent. Two years later, she joined Judy Gang & Associates, Ohio. Follow Tammy Mazzocco on Twitter.


Tammy Mazzocco puts her clients first. She focuses on what they need, and forgets about her commissions and feelings. In her Ideamensch interview, she advices realtors to always pay attention to what customers want to achieve success. She cautions them against mediocrity.

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Wen By Chaz Gives Hair New Life

Hair is something that is very important to people in terms of how they view themselves and how they view their appearance. They spend a lot of money and time on it. That is why they want to get it right and make sure it delivers the results they are looking for, each and every time. With so many products on the market, it can be hard to find what is real and what is phony. A lot of things are being thrown at people and it can be quite overwhelming for the consumer. They don’t know what to do or what is the right direction.

Things are made a little easier thanks to trusted and respected reviewers like Emily McClure of She reviewed Wen by Chaz for the website, and her review is right here: Now, when Emily McClure writes a review, she really puts her heart and soul into it. She is not simply looking to write the review and get it over with and call it a day. That is not her style and that never will be her style. She is going to push herself to give the best review possible and put in the time to have a piece written that she is proud of and her readers get something out of at the end of the day.

When it comes to WEN, she posted a seven day review of the product with her results over seven days along with photos. She talked about what happened each and every day and she covered every change that happened with her hair. She left nothing uncovered and she answered any question or any concern that a customer might have. At the end of the review, it was clear: Wen by Chaz was something that was worth owning and buying over and over again.

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Sam Tabar’s Career As A Capital Strategist And Attorney

Sam Tabar is a successful capital strategist and renowned attorney based in New York City. After graduating from Columbia Law School, he stated his career by working for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an associate.

He provided clients with advice on private placement memoranda, employment issues, investment management agreements and side letters. Later, he switched careers by moving into the corporate world.

SPARX Group Company / PMA Investment Advisors recruited Sam to serve as the managing director and co-manager of business development. In the corporation, Sam was responsible for managing its global marketing and investor relations. He was also in charge of the company’s $2 billion hedge fund.

In addition, Sam Tabar developed a strategic marketing plan for PMA Investment Advisors that zeroed in on large family offices, ultra high-net-worth clients and institutional investors. He played an instrumental role in providing the corporation with a rolodex of more than 2000 prospective investors.

Sam developed more than 4000 investor introductions. The executive was actively involved in raising $1.2 billion in assets for the company. He also worked with the CEO and founding partners to facilitate business development. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Later, he joined the successful Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the director of capital strategy. Sam was in charge of the Asia-Pacific Region. Here, he managed all the capital allocations cycle between investors and fund managers. Moreover, he built an additional rolodex of more than 1,250 institutional investors. In 2012, Sam Tabar left the company to work for Adanac as the director. It is here that Sam invested in various properties and start-ups, including Verboten and Thinx. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

He decided to invest in Thinx because of the entity’s social benefits to the community. Owners of the company told Sam that they had been providing sanitary towels to women in Africa. This way, the recipients of the same have been able to undertake their duties without worrying about the pads during their menstrual cycles. AFripad provides these items to underprivileged women.

After serving in the business sector for long, Sam went to practice law as an associate at the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. He advised his clients on hedge funds, compliance and regulatory issues, as well as fund structure and formation.

Some his hobbies are hosting events and travelling. Sam is a graduate of the University of Oxford. He is also an alumnus of the Columbia Law School. Sam has Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Sources Now Reveal That Dick DeVos Has Given Away $139 Million throughout His Career

Dick DeVos has a lot of charity work to point to as part of his endeavors to help the city of Grand Rapids thrive. He and his wife Betsy come from families where charity has been a joy of their parents, and both have been active in most of the organizations they support. But the great mystery has usually been just how much Dick and Betsy give each year and bigger yet how much their lifetime giving has amounted to. Their generosity has gone to so many organizations it may be impossible to track all their donations, but at a hearing for Betsy DeVos’s nomination to US Secretary of Education, sources revealed that their total giving amounted to somewhere near $139 million. Only a small percentage of that money has gone to political candidates.


Dick DeVos invests in little-known companies based in Michigan through his investment business, The Windquest Group. Companies in his portfolio include Huron Ventures, The Stowe Company, Boxed Water, ElectraTherm and a local Grand Rapids art competition known as ArtPrize. Before starting this company Dick DeVos was Vice President of Operations at his father Richard DeVos Sr.’s company Amway Corporation. Dick started working here along with his other three siblings Daniel, Cheri and Douglas after completing his bachelor’s degree at Northwood University. He left briefly during the years he founded The Windquest Group and also was president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, but he returned in 1993 to become CEO for 10 years.


The DeVos’s charity first began with education when Dick and Betsy decided to start supporting private schools through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. In addition to funding schools directly they started scholarship organizations including the Education Freedom Fund and Children First America. Several years later they even attempted to start a tax credit and voucher initiative during the 2000 election but didn’t get the votes needed. They did form a private school coalition and in 2010 they began a charter school at the Gerald Ford Airport called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos has worked to change the business landscape of downtown Grand Rapids and helped start Grand Vision Committee which was later renamed to Grand Action. This committee helped bring in the funding for a downtown sports arena, museums, libraries and other points of commerce. Dick DeVos was also involved in David Rubenstein’s art center project at the Kennedy Center, and thanks to a $22 million donation he and Betsy made it was renamed the Dick & Betsy DeVos Arts Management Institute. Dick DeVos also ran in the 2006 gubernatorial race though he didn’t win, but that part of his career helped build his credibility in the Republican Party and later led lawmakers to help him get a right-to-work law passed. He’s also the honorary recipient of the Art of Giving award from Spectrum Health.


Precious Metal Transaction- U.S Money Reserve

U.S Money Reserve is one of the largest privately owned metal companies in the United States. The latest achievement was the company’s announcement of its new online look, An organization which is dedicated to offering excellent services to its precious metal clients designed its new site to echo its position as a leader in the precious metal sector while the structures on the site tell of their pledge and trust to a greater client experience. The reconstruction of the place has new and more attractive photographs of their leader, Phillip N. Diehl, who Is the former Director of the U.S Mint and currently he is the President of U.S Money Reverse. The new site also features a new coin and a photo gallery. U.S Money Reserve reconstructed the new site with a primary reason of education the United States citizens on the significance of buying the government bullions and also giving them an opportunity to have an experience of buying metals with gold coins.

Ryan Buchanan is the Vice President of Brand and Creative at U.S Money Reserve. In a statement, Mr. Buchanan said that the new tool would allow the firm to take full responsibility for providing quality and adequate information, connect easily with their clients, and the most important one being able to deliver quality precious metal not only to the United States but the world. Mr. Ryan was responsible for the reconstruction of the site will educate consumers and make the buying of the government bullions much easier.

Technology has been advancing, and online shopping has become the order of the day, and with the expansion of the online shopping, U.S Money Reserve will be able to compete in the buying and sale of gold and silver bullion as well as bars. Apart from trading in the precious metals U.S Money Reserve also offers PCGS Certified Coins as well as custom made products for precious metal customers who are sensitive. The precious metal organization has made it easy for their clients to get information on the trade of precious metal by only signing up to get the information kit which will enable them to check information on the metals from their knowledge center.

U.S Money Reserve values their customers, and with the new site, they can connect with their clients quickly. The site gives them an exclusive chance to have a one-on-one conversation with their clients, arrange for offline transactions, provide purchasing assistance as well as arrange for special offline release.

The U.S Money Reserve is considered to one of the largest privately owned precious metal dealer in the United States. The Company transacts government issued gold, silver, and platinum metals. Since its establishment in 2001, the metal firm has experienced tremendous expansion with it being listed as one of the largest precious metal suppliers in the world. The company has engaged experts who are well trained to deal with the precious metals including coin researchers, and numismatic professional who have a vast knowledge of the precious market.