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The “Caring Star” Awarded to The Manse on Marsh

The “Caring Star” award was created by and is only given to the most reliable and well-reviewed services on their website. The Manse on Marsh is winning this award for the second time, showing their commitment to excellence and also their commitment to caring. The award nominees are vetted through stringent criteria requiring them to have received a 5-star review between Dec. 1, 2014 – Sep. 30, 2015, maintain a 4-star all-time rating with their customer reviews, and not have a single outstanding negative complaint about their community. The Manse on Marsh’s San Luis Obispo County location has achieved 5 5-star reviews and a 5-star all-time rating to boot. That is why they are considered the premier assisted living community in their area.

After The Manse on Marsh won its second award, the Executive Director and CEO Logan Sexton thanked the residents and their families for supporting the assisted living community. He further noted that it was a sign that the innovative, creative, and most importantly sensitive care that the company prides itself is what clinched the award for them. The Manse on Marsh uses a nationally acknowledged Care Planning System that allows for customized care with medication management, meal reminders, grooming, and other care amenities. The system ensures that residents have personalized care and only pay for the assistance they want instead of treating everyone the same with the same blanket level of care and expense.

Awards like “Caring Star” are important in the assisted living business community because recent studies have shown that the vast majority of potential residents and their families rely on internet-based consumer review. They do this because such reviews help identify businesses which can be trusted on their word and on the quality of their services. Of course, nothing is more important to assisted living residents than knowing their caretakers are trustworthy and dedicated to their care, which is why the “Caring Star” award was created to assure prospective residents about their choice in care facilities.  The Manse On Marsh can be contacted online.

Don’t fish for clicks: Let White Shark Media catch them for you

Their clients remain the most telling acknowledgement of White Shark Media’s success as a provider of online marketing solutions.

The company still counts its first client as one of its current clients. Its client roster fills both the company’s website and independent review sites like and Shopify with positive reviews. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

Founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs, the company now has offices in its native Denmark, as well as, the U.S. and Central America. White Shark Media Review expert designs and implements digital media marketing campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses using cost-effective approaches that maximize returns.

“We are very satisfied with the work of White Shark Media so far. We have stuck with them after a couple of other firms failed us,” the co-owner of a New Jersey women’s fashion retailer told Clutch.

Lakeland Smile Experts in Florida experienced unprecedented growth from White Shark’s online marketing tactics and proprietary marketing tools. Lakeland’s Lou Zaour told Top SEOs,”Since we opened one year ago our company has done over $1.5 million in sales with the help of White Shark Media.

Just to put this into perspective it usually takes a brand new dental office over 10 years to break $1 million in sales.” Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

White Shark understands the importance of campaign tracking and client communication. It holds itself “fully accountable to all… clients every month,” says CEO Gary Garth. That constant communication doesn’t go unnoticed as client Devek Accessories complimented its “outstanding service.”

“Working with White Shark Media has been a terrific experience” Devek told Shopify. “An extremely accommodating and experienced team helped revise and update our online marketing campaigns.

The increase in orders has been immediate. Our project manager has been a pleasure to work with totally professional and very thorough. Worth every penny.”

White Shark Media works to bring about positive marketing results that generate new and repeat customers for its clients. Its team of professionals successfully applies marketing principles, proprietary software and active communication skills to serve its clients.

This combination of traits causes clients to remain on the company’s roster and expand their campaigns. Their willingness to share their positive experiences working with White Shark Media keeps new clients coming to them.

OrganoGold is Opening Offices in Turkey

Coffee might be the most popular drink in the world. Billions of people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee. These cups give us energy, and in coffee shops around the world, coffee helps people have incredibly exciting conversations. People love coffee, but they especially love high-quality coffee drinks. There are several producers of quality coffee around the world, but one of the leading providers of great coffee is OrganoGold.

OrganoGold was founded several years ago with one major goal. They wanted to offer people around the globe with quality coffee and tea products. They also want to sell people coffee and tea products that are great for people’s health. To increase the health benefits of each drink produced by OrganoGold, the company incorporates Ganoderma into every drink. Ganoderma is a little known Chinese herb that has amazing health properties. The herb gives you more energy and helps fight common ailments.

OrganoGold was founded by Bernardo Chua. He started the company when he was already a tremendously successful businessman. He founded the company because he was confident in the power of Ganoderma, and he wanted to offer everyone this amazing product. He stands by his product and is happy to promote the product on a regular basis.

OrganoGold has rapidly expanded throughout the world. The company now has locations in 39 countries throughout the world. Turkey is a major target for OrganoGold expansion. OrganoGold has started distributing their product throughout the country, and Bernardo is extremely excited. Bernardo recently sat down to talk about OrganoGold’s expansion into Turkey.

Bernardo was quick to point out that Turkey has a rich coffee culture. The first ever coffee house opened in Turkey, in the 15th century. The demand for high-quality coffee has only continued to grow over the last six centuries ago. The Turkish people have an extremely active lifestyle, and they are searching for healthy products that they can enjoy. Bernardo strongly believes that the Turkish people will embrace the OrganoGold products.

OrganoGold is a revolutionary product, and Bernardo Chua is committed to spreading the product throughout the world.  Keep up with Bernardo’s journey on Facebook.

Thor Havlorssen: Troublemaker for Tyrants

Thor Havlorssen has dedicated his life to human rights and ending tyranny throughout the world. He created the organization Human Rights Foundation (HRF)in 2005, which has the support of major donors, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Google’s Sergey Brin. Havlorssen’s family has been actively involved in human rights for generations. At one protest, his mother was shot and his cousin remains imprisoned in Venezuela. Havlorssen says he “loves” people and has proven he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. At one point he was beaten severely after an interview with the leader of the United Buddhist Church of Vietnam. He works with other activists in HRF, who come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all maintain a common goal to end tyranny throughout the world.
Thor Halvorssen has been fighting for the rights of others since 1989. The New York Times has called him “a champion of the unederdog and powerless” for his protests and activism for those who cannot defend themselves against tyranny and oppression. The half Norwegian and Venezuelan learned a lot about human suffering at a young age and began his fight for the powerless as a teenager. After creating HRF, he and the members of HRF have managed to liberate seven prisoners of conscience and work tirelessly to document the oppression of people throughout the world via film and in writing.
In addition to HRF, Halvorssen founded and is CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which is a human rights conference where those supporting and wanting to learn about human rights issues and opportunities can be discussed openly. Like most forums, there are speeches, panels, and dinners to attend, but people are discussing what they can do and what the next step is for individuals under attack by their own governments. In 2013, the forum drew 450 attendees with 57 countries represented. Halvorssen is also involved in many other human rights movements, including the Patrol of the Prague, a children’s peace movement.

Check Out The New Review Of Wen By Chaz Shampoo

The new review of Wen by Chaz shampoo on sheds a lot of light on the shampoo as a product that anyone will be able to use to make a difference with their own hair. Hair can be very hair to take care of if it is not washed the right way, and the only way to make sure that the hair is healthy is to use this one shampoo. WEN Hair by Chaz is a great item for someone with thin hair, and they might even just follow the instructions listed in the review [read:].

The review begins with a listing of how to use the shampoo, and then it continues with the girl in the review actually using the shampoo. She was bold enough to use the shampoo so that anyone could use it the way that they want, and she shows how it will lather, rinse out and come clean when it is done. The people who read the review in will notice instantly that they can get results without much of a problem, and they do not need to use that much of it to begin with. That makes Wen hair by Chaz the most functional and simple shampoo to use in the entire world.

The review of the sephora endorsed brand ends with a look at the way that it offers results to women who have thin hair. Their hair is going to come out very clean, and they will finally be free to care for it in a way that makes the most sense to them. They can wash it as much as they want, brush it as much as they want and continue to care for it without thinking about how much they are using a singular product. Thin hair gets healthier, and Wen by Chaz is the only right decision. Need Wen hair? Purchase a bottle from Amazon.

WEN Hair Care products are also available here:

The Charitable Keith Mann

It takes a man of
conviction to run his businesses and still keep a vigilant eye on
society. Keith Mann, the founding leader of Dynamic Search Partners
in New York, has been one of the mobilizers of the New York community
over the past decades.
Keith’s success in
the corporate scene affords him the freedom to invest in the local
community. This year, he mobilized his corporate colleagues towards a
fundraising for the Uncommon Schools charity. The group raised about
which now goes towards paying tuition fees for college
students from low-income neighborhoods.
Keith acknowledged
that the local business community would love to see college
enrollment increase. The increment translates into more graduates in
the job market and consequently the quality of employees. Before
lobbying other business leaders, Keith Mann had invested $10,000
through Dynamic Search Partners for facilitating testing of the needy
Dynamic Search
Partners has been supporting the Uncommon Schools for three years
now. They view it as an opportunity to inculcate knowledge and
practical job market skills to high school and college students. Such
skills form the foundation of academic and social excellence.
This year, the
partnership took stakeholders to the schools where the students
interacted one-on-one with their seniors in mentorship sessions.
Keith Mann used the platform to share the knowledge he has
accumulated in on and a half of practice in the industry. With
experience in recruitment and staffing, he knows the kind of
qualities they look for in graduates and thus able to teach them to
Before founding
Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann had been learning the ropes in
hedge fund administration. At the time the industry was buzzing and
gave promise for young and innovative executives. Today, he oversees
internal organization strategies such as hiring and marketing as the
Chief Executive Officer at the firm. During his time, he has expanded
business to Asia and Europe, bringing in over 200 clients.
Together with his
wife Keely Mann, Keith also supports the movement against violence
against the Police Department in New York. The couple urges the
public to forge partnerships with local police for the benefit of the

Dress Like Fab Kate Hudson in Fabletics On-Trend Active Wear

Kate Hudson is one of the fine actresses who not only looks gorgeous but admits to an active lifestyle to stay in shape. She also happens to sell some of the cutest leggings out there and tons of amazing sportswear at her online subscription retailer known as Fabletics. The star co-founded the company, hoping to build a global community of women who “live their passion.”

Kate Hudson’s mission is getting there, with already one million-plus Fabletics VIP members worldwide. Her active wear includes cute dresses you can wear out on the town, as well as adorable yoga pants, crop tops, perfect sports bras and a lot more. Being a Fabletics VIP member brings you excellent perks and wonderful offers.

Kate Hudson told Elle magazine in an interview at that every women can adopt a fit, healthy lifestyle by beginning slowly. Whether it’s signing up for a yoga class, starting to run or even walk around the block, staying active helps you feel and look better. When you’re wearing the best-looking, on-trend active wear, that also makes a major difference, and Fabletics has become the leader in this fashion role.

Kate Hudson is always making someone’s best dressed list, even when it’s off the red carpet. She happens to own lots of leggings, and when she was interviewed by Marie Claire, Hudson said she has designed them in beautiful prints and colors. Now, you can copy her star style when you shop online by raiding the closet of Kate’s fitness favorites.

Every month, Kate Hudson let’s the Fabletics community browse through her favorite active wear pieces at Kate’s Picks. As a VIP member, you will see those prices slashed, sometimes in half, and talk about the on-trend style. You will see gorgeous prints, cute cut-outs and bold, happy shades that get you noticed, and best of all, the comfort level is high. You can bend in Fabletics without showing the goods to the world. Her active wear pieces are built with figure-flattering stretch but never with anything constricting.

Looking great with clothing that fits your budget is a concern most of us have, and that’s why women quickly fall in love with Fabletic’s online shopping subscription. Fabletics’ entire collection enjoys a high profile presence on social media, namely on Twitter. The brand boasts a strong 18,775 followers with 15,884 tweets and counting.

Fabletics is based in Los Angeles where all the design and details are done in-house.

Don’t Give Up Your Dreams, Utilize Jim Hunt’s Product to Build Wealth

Many people have dreams of what they would like to do with a business. When they share the dream with friends and family members, they many times get shot down. This is very discouraging that people many times give up their dreams just because someone else says they can’t do it.

Luckily, overcoming naysayers is half the battle. It is important for prospective entrepreneurs to be surrounded by positive thinkers and maybe even a mentor who can help someone reach his/her goals.

Most of all, it is important for entrepreneurs to educate themselves. From the internet to the local library, there are many places to get educated about business. Always look for positive business ideas. Also, look for good locations, markets, and research profitable products and services. Learn how to control a business and learn how to avoid unnecessary risks.

Learning about cash flow is also something that is essential. When running a business, you want to have the least amount of liabilities possible. Earned profits also should be reinvested back into the business.

Wealth Wave is a product offered by Jim Hunt and VTA Publications. It gives several tips on how to make good money. It emphasizes that one can eliminate a mortgage by making two phone calls. It also talks about how to get a Rolls Royce for £2,000.  VTA Publications is a UK based company, with a focus on financial freedom and education.

The product description has a positive twist, as Jim Hunt encourages everyone to give his program a try through VTA Publications. Hunt also encourages people to buy his product because such opportunities to become wealthy don’t come around every day.  Check out Jim Hunt’s YouTube for more financial tips, and news on what VTA Publications will be doing next.

Michael Zomber’s Intriguing Career Path

Michael Zomber has been an avid collector of weapons from the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era. With this collection he has studied the weapons and looked into the history of them. As a result he has become one of the leading historians on arms from the American Civil War and the Japanese samurai period. Along with being a historian of these weapons and eras, he has written a number of stories and made films as well. Therefore Michael has had the opportunity to share his knowledge to others and then provide entertainment at the same time. While he is passionate about weapons and history, Michael also participates in peace activism in order to help make the world a better place for everyone. With a Master’s degree in English literature he is also very well educated and uses this education to make his intriguing stories.

Over the course of his career Michael has been able to share his knowledge about weapons to the masses. One of his most notable appearances on television has been on the History Channel. On the History Channel Michael has talked about the weapons, when they were used and how important they were during times of armed conflict. As a result of his knowledge, Michael is therefore someone that many media outlets look for when looking to get in depth information about the various weapons used during the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era.

Along with making speeches on television, Michael has wrote a number of screenplays, novels and also made films about the American Civil War and Japanese samurai era. These stories provide people with even more insight into these historical periods through effective storytelling and accurate portrayals of them. This gives people not only a great source of education but also entertainment. The stories that Michael Zomber wrote and filmed provide a number of intriguing elements such as conflicts that took place during these eras, significant battles and also the lifestyle and culture of the time periods. Therefore readers and viewers will definitely have a number of great ways to get the most in depth perspective of weapons and armed conflicts of the Civil War and Japanese samurai era.

To Airbnb or not to Airbnb?

Building wealth. Something that a number of people are interested in these days. And one of the many ways people seek to do that is through rental property. Airbnb, a short-term rental website, is one avenue that’s become increasingly popular over the past 2 years. Although popular and an easy way to make quick money, the article suggests that there are some things to consider before hosting travelers in your home.

The first of which is risk, which is assumed with either short or long-term rentals. Should anyone be injured or damage sustained to your property (or a neighbor’s) or should anything be stolen, you may be liable and/or not have any recourse. Another reason being that short-term rentals are typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance. The third and final reason is there’s no real protection. Sure Airbnb provides some sort of coverage, but that coverage is secondary. And that means you pay everything you can pay and then their coverage will kick in.

After carefully considering these possible issues, one still might want to consult a professional: either an insurance agent or possibly a wealth and investment agent. One financial advisor who has helped many people reach their financial and investment goals is Richard Blair. His passion for teaching and helping people with their personal finance decisions led to the founding of his company, Wealth Solutions, Inc. a professional investment advisory firm, in 1994. Blair not only has 22 years experience in securities but is also certified in multiple areas, including as an Estate and Trust Specialist and a Retirement Income Professional.

No matter how you are trying to build your wealth, it would probably be in your best interest to consult an investment professional. The knowledge and expertise of a professional will help you with the best decisions for you – customized solutions tailored to your personal wealth and investing goals. Be they short or long-term, a financial professional can help you determine what investments you should avoid, show you what methods are best for the goals you are trying to reach. Although a popular trend, Airbnb – short-term rentals in general, is not the best wealth builder for everyone. So before taking a risk on something that has the potential to cost you more than what you could make, get some advice.

Learn more about Richard Blair and his company, Wealth Solutions: