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Darius Fisher has Thought of Internet Marketing From an Entirely New Angle

Chaos and confusion seem to surround the online reputation management industry along with misdirected anger, hatred and misunderstanding. It is generally understood by the public that many online reputation management services utilize shady or questionable methodology and tactics to fulfill their promises and provide their services; however, a few legitimate companies with morals, fantastic public relations and trustworthy business history do exist. One such company is Status Labs, of which Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder.

The Huffington Post published a blog entry in which Fisher briefly introduces the online reputation management industry along with his company, Status Labs. The ultimate goal and service of companies in this industry and Status Labs itself is to improve, save, or aid in repair of the reputations of companies and businesses who witness a downfall in the public reception of their commercial interaction.

Ironically, Status Labs experienced its own ruthless assault of negative press and public outcry resulting in the overall defamation of the name and body of the company. The negative public reputation of Status Labs was the direct result of one of the (former) executive officers’ acting “outside of his role” and making questionable decisions.

When the public shouted its disdain for the actions of said executive, and thus Status Labs as an entity, the business achieved actualization of the specific necessity and vitality of their services. They became a reputation managing company that was now struggling and fighting to manage its own reputation.

Fisher explains that Status Labs addressed the leadership issues internally and corrected their own mistakes and improved their already flawless customer relations process to an even greater extent. After ensuring that the previous corruption and immorality could not occur again, Status Labs reached out to the public apologetically and reintroduced their company and the many various faces that allow for its effective operation. The public responded accordingly and acquired a unanimous understanding that their hatred was misplaced onto a company that was, in reality, at no fault.

Correcting the misplaced trust in a corrupt executive, Fisher details, was handled with great haste and was declared by an entirely unanimous vote by all employees and remove said official from his role. Status Labs is one of the few strong, legitimate online reputation management firms around.

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Securus Technologies Launches Safe App for Communicating with Convicts

Securus Technologies offers telecommunication services to at least 2600 correction facilities. The company designs, installs and maintains telecom systems that help facilitate the collection of prepaid and debit calling for at least one million inmates. Securus Technologies also provide other back office services that include call validation, billing and collection, and fraud management. Securus also does sell and support jail and inmate data management software, computer applications that help in record management and computer-aided dispatch. The clients of Securus Technologies include state, city and county jails. The also serve the juvenile detention institutions as well as private jails. Securus Technologies is part of the company investment firm Castle Harlan.

The company headquarters is in Dallas, Texas.

Securus announced the successful introduction of its mobile application for inmate video phone calls for both Android and Apple. According to PR Newswire, the Android phone app launched less than six months ago and already has over 60,000 downloads. The Apple app version launched just over a week and now has over 5,000 downloads.

Securus Technologies Video Visit mobile app gives people another way to connect families and friends with an easy way to communicate with their incarcerated loved ones. This technology is different from others will give many a different way of seeing and talking with their friend other than telephone and physically visiting.

The Securite Video Visitation app will enable families to connect with their convicted loved ones with secure video calls. This will be easy as the communication can be done on Apple and Android phones or tablets. The app is also free and will allow families share with ease special moments. Watch the Youtube app campaign to learn more.

Securus Video Visit application is available on Google Play and App Store. The app will have Linked In similar features like synchronized calendar date, provide them with notifications of forthcoming visits; it also can test cellular and Wi-Fi connection for optimum video quality.

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Thor Halvorssen The Fierce Protector Of Human Rights

All across the world there are various countries under the rule of authoritarian leaders. In such cases, there are always victims who suffer injustices such as incarceration, house arrest among others. The Human Rights Foundation helps these victims in voicing their plight to the whole world. With only a staff of 12, HRF has more impact in bringing massive change in political prisoners’ lives than other bigger corporation. It is based in New York and is headed by Thor Halvorssen.


Halvorssen is a force to reckon. He is half-Norwegian, half-Venezuelan and was born in Caracas. At 39, he has gone on to make the world a better place by fighting oppression. His family contributes to his passion for activism. He began his interests since his teenage life. He was involved in fighting apartheid in South Africa By organizing and mobilizing people. His grandfather, Øystein was of the Norwegian king’s counsel and contributed significantly to the fight against Germans when they invaded his homeland. His mother is a descendant of Simón Bolivar, who was the military leader that aided Latin America’s independence from Spain. She is also the daughter in the lineage of Cristóbal Mendoza, who was the first president of Venezuela.


According to Huffington Post, Halvorssen has dedicated his life to fighting the great war that many can’t undertake. He believes in hands-on action and has been known to get involved in struggles with authorities. Thor and his camera operator interviewed Thich Quang Do, who is also known as the ruler of the Unified Buddist Church of Vietnam. Thich had been under house arrest for 28 years. The authorities found out and arrested and detained Thor. His camera operator was able to escape with the video card in his rectum.


Such sacrifices and risks are what make HRF the best activist group in making the real difference. Since its founding, Thor has managed to free Seven prisoners put behind bars following political reasons. Thor has also had two publications in the market. He explains how the government oppresses its people and also how to liberate yourself from oppression.

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George Soros: It’s Time To Bet Against the Stocks And Bank On The Gold

George Soros is a billionaire worth $24.9 billion according to Forbes Magazine’s rank of the world’s billionaires. He is the current chairman of the Soros Fund Management LLC and self-made billionaire through market speculation. Soros is both a citizen of Hungary and United States, married and with five children. George Soros was born in Hungary and later fled to England in 1947 where he went to school and graduated with Bachelor of Arts/Science, from the London School of Economics.

Soros Fund Management went through significant changes last year when the former CEO Scott Bassett, who after running the company for four years on, left and started his company referred to as Key Square Group with a $2 billion seed capital from his former boss George Soros. Ted Burdick is now the current CEO, and he is a longtime supporter of the liberal causes same as George Soros, who have donated millions of dollars to super PACs supporting Hilary Clinton for president. The latest figures in contribution amounted to $8 million both to Action super-PAC and Priorities USA.

George Soros started his hedge fund with $12 billion in 1969 which was later re-branded to Quantum Fund. He is known to make a significant amount of wealth through market speculation and predicting the direction of the financial market which affects the way he makes his decisions. One of them is the recent move to reduce his holding in the U.S.-listed stocks to place his bet in the gold market. This decision was influenced by the fact that China’s economy is doing badly at the moment, and he predicts that there is a looming financial crisis.

During the first quarter, sold purchased the world’s largest gold miner, Barrick Gold shares worth $264 million. George Soros, also commonly referred to as “the man who broke the Bank of England”, purchased 1.1 million shares of SPDR Gold ETF, which mirrors the price of gold. Recently, gold prices tend to rise in price significantly because people are afraid of the stock market, and the precious metal is being viewed as a “safe haven” for investments. In this year alone, the price of gold has risen by more than 20%.

Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

The $264 million worth of shares purchased from Barrick represented 1.7 percent shareholding from the company held by George Soros. Soros’s prediction that China’s debt-fueled economy could fail because the level of uncontrollable debt is not sustainable for the country is largely what has influenced the recent move. According to Soros, China is going through the same warning signs experienced the U.S. before the financial crisis of 2007/2008. So far the gamble played by Soros seems to be working as Barrick shares have more than doubled this year as the miner reduces its cost and the recent efforts to reduce the debt. Barrack has gained in value by 39 percent since March 31.

Eric Pulier Keeps The X Prize Fire Alive

The X Prize was the first major prize in technology that actually asked people to reach a goal that seemed unattainable. The X Prize has a committee that includes technolgy guru Eric Pulier, and he uses his work with the X Prize to encourage people to create the best technology for people around the world. He wants all these people to think outside of the box, and that is why he is involved with the prize even to this day.

The first thing that most people need to know about the X Prize is that it is going to do more than get people into space. Eric Pulier knows that there is a lot more technology that has been created as a result of extended research, and he wants to see people come before the X Prize committee every year with their projects and many other things that they created just because it occurred to them in the lab. Eric Pulier has training in information technology, but he chose to use that talent to help others when he saw all the needs out there.

He works with disabled kids and kids with chronic illnesses. He works on education advocacy to make sure that kids get the technology they need, and he works with school systems so that they can learn how to use technology to help their students. His work has been lauded around the world, because he is creating chances for kids to learn, and he is trying to make it easy for all these kids to get the help they need.

The X Prize is just one place where new technology is going to appear, but Eric Pulier meets a lot of people through the X Prize who might come up with the next best thing for kids and families around the world. Eric Pulier wants to see people come up with things that help the whole world, and he is asking the people who present to the X Prize committee what they are doing with all the research that has been completed. His mission is to see the world change within the context of the X Prize.

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Charles Koch Understanding On University Graduations

Charles Kotch was born on November 1, 1935, in Wichita, Kansas US. He is currently residing at his birthplace in Wichita, Kansas US; married to Liz and have two children. Charles Koch studied his B.S and M.S for general engineering and nuclear and chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an American business person, contributor and also a political donor.

Currently is the chairperson of the board and the CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. from 1967.His Koch Industries are primarily involved in refining chemicals and biofuels, fertilizers, polymers, fibers and many others. Some of his industries brands are Dixie brands of cutlery, plates and cups, Quilted Northern tissue and many others.

He together with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg penned a joint article calling on Universities across the country to uphold free speech principles and keep away from unwanted intolerance of own thinking. It is in The Wall Street Journal as an advice directed to the college presidents, boards, administrators and faculty as a whole.

Their advice was for them to avoid stifling free speech and pampering intolerance for polemical ideas which are now part of the college education and hinder human progress and joy. The sanctioning of safe rooms for speech codes lead to the creation of intellectual conformity that hinders open inquiry, debate and real learning which leads to official sanctions.

They contended that the freedom of expression had to exist in hand with the freedom to offend.

They wrote, “Colleges are increasingly shielding students from any idea that could cause discomfort or offense.” They believed that this threatened the future of higher education and the fabric of free and democratic society. This is away from colleges’ aim to expand and refine students to get open minds with questionings and not closed ones.

They argued that Americans hold on to people having equal rights, women having the right to vote and marrying freely of gays and lesbians. They said that the achievement of these views that seemed offensive was due to people engaging in free, robust dialogue with each other.

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DIVERSANT LLC Transformative Ideas in Providing IT Staffing Solutions

DIVERSANT LLC is an IT company that offers extensive staffing solution services in the United States. The company was founded back in 2010 through the merger of Diversant Inc and Info Technologies. The firm is co-owned by Gene Waddy and John Goullet, and it has emerged as the nation largest privately owned African-American IT staffing solution provider. Under the leadership of Goullet as the Chief Executive Officer, the firm has survived economic downturns and recorded systematic growth that has earned the firm great reputation and trust with the list of 500 Fortune companies.

DIVERSANT LLC is fully certified Minority Business Enterprise that has demonstrated a commitment to upholding vibrant quality services to its clients, collaborates and consultants.

Goullet began his career as a consultant and later move to IT staffing. After garnering extensive experience, he founded Info Technologies in 1994. The company was dedicated to providing IT staffing solutions to the Fortune 500 companies. Under the management of Goullet, Info Technologies was ranked number 8 on Inc.Magazine list of rapidly growing private held companies in the United States.

Within just five years of operation, Info Technologies experienced growth valued at $30 million. This was an impressive achievement for a young entrepreneur Mr. Goullet. He proved to be competent in providing clients with solutions in ever changing IT workforce markets.

Through DIVERSANT LLC transformative ideas and strategic solutions, the firm has built a vast network of business communities including banking, finance, manufacturing, government, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. They have built these relationships and trust through hard work and honesty. Not only do they care genuinely about their clients, but also the company upholds values that everyone plays a part in making the engine run, thus at the end of the day it group effort that matters.

People like John Goullet are hard to find, and that is why when you meet someone like him and get to know him better, it is something special. Without any doubt, you will walk away knowing that were in the presence of greatness. He has handled IT sector with greatness, respect, and dignity, and utmost honor and that make him outstanding in the highly competitive field.

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Online Reputation Firm’s Like Five Blocks and From An Insider’s Perspective

When Cheryl Conner interviewed Don Sorensen for Forbes (“Top Online Reputation Management Tips for Brand Marketers”), her goal was to inform marketing executives who “fail to understand how poor reputation management can damage their company’s sales.” It made sense to talk to Sorensen, president of Big Blue Robot, who has been involved in ORM for over a decade.

Today, ORM is a booming business. Conner estimated it is a $5 billion industry, with hundreds of PR firms – including hers and Sorensen’s and places like Five Blocks – working to protect the interests of companies wanting a polished, professional online image.

In the interview, Sorensen warned readers against making a million-dollar mistake: “Many executives don’t consider the potential losses in sales, press coverage, hiring ability, and more until long after the damage is done.” He advised that brand trust can be eroded by a tarnished corporate leader whose reputation sullies the entire enterprise, a negative news story that turns into a runaway reputation crisis, or even a malicious entity seeking to profit from a company’s ruin.

Clearly, Sorensen is right that ORM is a crucial corporate concern. According to a survey by Forbes and Deloitte, more than 4 in 5 companies see ORM as a major strategic risk factor, and are taking steps to address it. Even more compelling is a Nielsen survey; it discovered that than more than half of media-savvy consumers said they’d dropped pursuing business with a company after finding negative information online.

So what can business leaders do about it? Sorensen’s list of tips focused on proactive marketing strategies to expand and strengthen the online brand: search engine control, social media participation, branded blogging, and YouTube production. He also emphasized continuous monitoring and swift reaction to potential threats.

When Conner asked Sorensen about the idea of developing in-house ORM teams, he agreed that internal teams can handle proactive basics. However, he asserted that outsourcing brings in a breadth and depth of experience that in-house teams cannot match. That’s why firms like Sorensen’s and Five Blocks have built such powerful businesses. They are equipped to handle this in the most powerful way.

Both Conner and Sorensen have a financial stake in outsourcing, so they may be biased. Notably, Sorensen’s list of tips did not include simple self-monitoring measures like using Google Alerts to watch for negative brand mentions. Nevertheless, he had sound advice about hiring ORM professionals, whether as employees or consultants: “You should ask what kind of tactics will be used to improve the online reputation.” He also suggested that prospective employers request proof of past successes.

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Talk Fusion Keeps Our Family Together

Talk Fusion has been a great thing for our family because we travel so much. My wife and I have pretty high stress jobs, and we are both away from home at different times. We all need something that is going to help us talk to each other and the kids. We found Talk Fusion when we were reading about Bob Reina, and we were in love with his concept. Video chat and video emails have been the best thing for us.

We can make update emails in videos for the kids or the spouse, and we are also about to use video chat to talk when we are all around a computer. This is a good way for us to check in with each other, and it is a good time for my wife and I to talk if we are both on a break at work or something like that. It lets us all see each other, and it also makes it easy for us to get it done. Our little kids have learned how to use it, and we are sure that we will be able to use it for as long as we want. We are able to talk as much as we want, and we are able to get in those quick calls that need to be made to friends and family.

We are also the only people who know with the schedules that we have. That means that we can talk to friends and family in the same way. We can make the calls to friends and family any time we want, and we will be able to use the video chats when we want. We signed up for Talk Fusion as soon as we heard of it, and we have been using it ever since. It is a low cost system that is making it easy for us to stay in touch, and it is very real because the video quality is good and the calls do not drop. Talk Fusion has kept our family connected for every trip we have both been on.

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Handy Cleaning Services is Amazing

Sometimes there are no words for a company like Handy. I could say that this company is delightful, but that doesn’t seem to be strong enough to describe Handy. I could use the word amazing, and that certainly comes close to how I feel, but that still doesn’t get the point across. I literally have no words in the dictionary to describe just how joyful I am to get my life back.

I have a big home, and I used to spend so much time cleaning up. It was a nightmare. I always envisioned a big home and a lot of beautiful rooms for my family to dwell in. I never thought about all the time that it would take to clean a home this big. Over the years I have found myself getting too tired to clean my home after work. That is why I was elated to discover Handy Cleaning Services. I think that this is the company that has saved me from a lot of long nights of cleaning. I can relax more with my family now that I have some of my time back.

What has made a real difference is the work that Handy is able to do during the spring cleaning time of year. I go through all the family junk. I see things that we haven’t used in several years and wonder why are we still holding on to these things. I get around to sorting through stuff, but the rest of my house would be neglected in the past because I was too busy sorting through our junk. Since I discovered Handy I know that I can get help from these contractors for things like making a bed while I throw out old magazines and make clothing donations to Goodwill.

I like the help that I get from Handy, and I am certain that other people around the globe are reacting with great jubilation to what Handy has done. I think that Handy has become a powerful force in the cleaning industry, and many people are going to appreciate what Handy does.

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