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Skouting Around With Skout

In today’s super amped up technological society, sometimes simple things like connecting with friends and making new ones can get lost in the shuffle. As smart phones and tablets have taken over a lot of our means of connecting with other people, new apps have been developed to enhance the “making friends” experience. The popularity of these apps makes it clear they are serving a need.

Skout is a “making friends” app that’s available by free download at the app store. It was the subject of a review in Adweek, which noted that the app is user friendly and works intuitively.

Users who want to meet and greet on Skout can sign in using Facebook (that other social media app) or their email. The homepage area of Skout is a grid with the faces of some of the app’s users. On the left side there is a virtual “drawer” that allows users to see what all the “Buzz” is about. The “Buzz,” of course, being what all those other people online are talking and posting about.

Skout has some fun features like “Shake to Chat,” which allows for random style “meetups” with new, potential friends. Users who connect with this feature can start chatting and after 40 seconds their profiles will be revealed to each other.

Another unusual feature of Skout is its use of points. The app isn’t totally free, actually, as users have to pay extra, suing “Skout currency) for some of the features, like a “Backstage” (and more intimate) view of some of the users. A “Winkbomb” feature also costs extra, but it allows users to send out a major batch of winks at users who catch their eye.

Skout is user friendly and fun, and it looks to be a solid addition to the every growing social media apps that are springing up online these days.

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Darius Fisher Describes How To Deal With Unfavorable Photos On The Web

Darius Fisher is one of the up and comers and bright innovators of the technology world. He has been labeled as one the top young entrepreneurs in the fields of digital marketing and reputation management. He has quickly taken a firm that he had co-founded called Status Labs and turned it into one of the world’s leading online reputation management and crisis management firms.


Mr. Fisher has used his extensive knowledge in working as a political consultant to build up his firm, Status Labs. Working in the political scene Fisher saw how crucial the perception of a person, company or party was to the public. He realized that reputation can make or break a candidate in politics. Darius Fisher now applies this same principle to businesses, athletes and other high profile individuals who’s reputations have been tarnished. Below the CEO shares some of his tips to limit the damage done by leaked photos that harm a reputation.


Fisher’s immediate advice when it comes to dealing with unfavorable photos on the web is to take action right away. Take those photos down if you can. If they are published on websites, then contact those websites. Let the administrator know clearly that you want them taken down. An attorney could help you draft a take down notice that will be legally binding if the photos are in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Don’t wait says Fisher. The sooner the photos are taken down, the less damage your reputation will take, so it pays to be proactive in such a case.


Darius Fisher’s next tip is to invest in search engine optimization. What this means is that Fisher wants positive content to rank first on search engine results page. This way people searching for your name or company will see the positive things you have done and real information about you and not scandals or leaks.


The third tip is to acknowledge the situation and deal with it promptly. You can hire a public relations firm to help you in dealing with the press. The last step is to learn from your mistakes. What did you do wrong? Where you hacked? Beef up security, take more precautions and consider updating your privacy settings on social media so an unfavorable or private photo does not get out again.


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George Soros Believes The European Union Can Resolve Refugee Burden

“Europe: A Better Plan for Refugees”, appearing in The New York Review of Books, is philanthropist and financier George Soros’ assessment of the refugee crisis. Soros is a crusader for democratic ideology on, and human rights worldwide, for over a quarter century.

George Soros thinks the negotiations between Turkey and the European Union and the resulting asylum policy caused the deportation of hundreds to Greece. Current policy, according to Soros, is misguided. He cites that the policy was a German-Turkey collaboration, leaving the EU on the sidelines on There is insufficient funding and the policy is force fed against the wishes of the European Union. Refugees live in countries against their wishes and Greece is seen as a distribution center for those awaiting asylum.

With a catastrophe looming, George Soros thinks a solution is at hand. A statement released by the European Commission said an overhaul of the European asylum system is necessary. Verified refugees shall be permitted to traverse the continent to their destination. The European Union must redesign its framework to support the monetary burden of the refugee influx. Instead of a knee-jerk reaction to costs incurred, the European Union must develop a sustained funding plan. A well-planned according to George Soros spending program is a more sensible and logical approach to handling foreseeable consequences.

Elements of an effective asylum system are readily available to the European Union. The theory and framework from George Soros is not outlandish nor a fantasy. The resources needed to implement the plan is just a phone call and a signature away. A revamped asylum system hinges on adequate funding. Addressing refugee issues in the Middle East, with sufficient funding, can stem the flow into the European continent, to a manageable level.

The refugee issue imposed on Europe is cataclysmic. It’s unconscionable to think that the European Union would implode, without attempting to engage its available resources. Read his profile at Forbes.

VTA Publications: Encouraging Personal and Professional Development

VTA Publications, located in the United Kingdom, was incorporated in December of 2012. Though barely three years old, VTA has enjoyed widespread success and praise from its clients. Specializing in the financial and economic disciplines, VTA provides publications, educational courses, and event organization to customers around the globe. With both physical and digital products, VTA has established itself as a versatile, reliable company.

When developing a professional skill set, VTA offers invaluable tools for their exclusive clients. The ability to view and use their extensive collection of DVDs, online courses and seminars, and books is limited to customers who have been invited by mail or e-mail. Because VTA is constantly updating their catalogue of information and improving their materials, the invitations are limited time offers.

Another feature of VTA is their company blog. Writers post anecdotes and lessons learned from their daily observations. One such article, entitled “Are YOU on the ‘Zombie Train’?” confronts the ubiquity of cellphones and mobile devices in everyday life. The author notes how discontented the train passengers seem with their lives, but quickly loses sympathy when he notices them all glued to their screens.

Instead of enjoying life, looking for new opportunities and upward mobility, people have become unhealthily attached to their current state of being via their electronic devices. And they get no support from the rest of society: they are encouraged to be as active on their phones as humanely possible, and not to deviate from the masses. People are inevitably stifled, unable to reach their maximum potential.

By offering improvement courses, and through this blog, VTA Publications encourages others to seek fulfillment in their professional and personal lives. They wish to help others in any way they can, and the glowing reviews they have received prove their efforts are successful.


Laidlaw and Company was established back in 1842. The investment firm is located in the heart of the U.K. There are also offices in Wales. Laidlaw & Company is backed 100% by the SEC. Laidlaw and Companyis a full-service company. The company was designed to help out both individuals and other firms with any and all money issues.
Money issues can range from the basic bank and investment account to advice on stocks and bonds. So, why should you choose them, when compared with all the other investment firms in and around it’s surrounding locations?

1)This is the ideal place for those looking to create some sort of diversified portfolio. Some companies only offer one or two solutions and that’s it. Laidlaw was designed with the customer in mind. Making sure that each customer has access to any and all options available to them for their portfolio.

2)The charges on the inside of the wheel are not that high. This means that each customer has more money working for them, instead of against them.

3)You really don’t have to put up much money. Other companies like to charge a lot of money, all for the privilege of using their services. Laidlaw doesn’t work this way. You can invest as little as 30 pounds a month in your portfolio. The rest of the work will be done for you. This also works out good for those who are on a limited income.

4)Laidlaw allows you the benefits of aligning yourself with other people. In other words, you don’t have to do business with just them. In this day and age, the whole scale of economics can change on a whim. Laidlaw gives you the option of bringing your money into the folds of other investors, paying close attention to the terms and conditions of each plan.

Want more information on how you can invest your money with Laidlaw and Company? Please contact them now. Or visit PR Newswire’s website.

How Michael Zomber Remembers War While Fighting for Peace

Michael Zomber is someone who understands the tools of war, but still sees the need for maintaining the peace. His work in the preservation and sale of antique weapons is balanced by his support for organizations that are dedicated to the protection of humanity.

Born 66 years ago in Washington, D.C., his website shows that Zomber has been collecting antique arms and armor for more than half of his adult life. His expertise extends to weapons of American, European, Japanese and Islamic heritage that saw use from the 16th through the 19th centuries. He is particularly knowledgeable of Japanese samurai swords, which saw various forms of action over an astounding period of 12 centuries. His understanding of modern weaponry earned him a role as a guest historian on the television series “Tales of the Gun,” which ran on the History Channel in 1998.

Possessing B.A. and M.A. degrees in English literature, Zomber has incorporated the issue of wars and conflict into his writings. His books include “Sweet Betsy: A Child of the Civil War” and “Shogun Imemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa, Japan,” which are both works of fiction. His “Jesus and the Samurai” recounts the true story of the spread of Christianity throughout China and India. Taking his storytelling to the screen, “Soul of the Samurai” was made by the production company owned by Zomber and his wife Andrea.

The other side of Zomber’s life is marked by his dedication to many organizations that are committed to resolving conflicts. Both he and his wife have demonstrated their support for philanthropic organizations that are based on their own values of compassion for the victims of conflict and repression. These groups include, which provides the critics of war with a platform that is usually not available through traditional media, and Amnesty International, which is committed to helping those who have faced incarceration or even torture for speaking out on human rights. Both are also strong supporters of UNICEF, which is known for its efforts to protect children throughout the world, and Doctors Without Borders, whose members provide medical assistance in the developing world and in areas beset by war.

Zomber, his wife their two children reside in Pennsylvania, not far from the onetime American capital of Philadelphia.  Michael can also be found through Facebook.

Why Is Brian Bonar’s Bellamy The Bite To Eat You Need

Brian Bonar opened Bellamy after changing the name of a local restaurant into something that was still friendly for all the people in Escondido. It is a Scotch who came over to America with a dream of making food that people would love, and he wanted Bellamy to fit right in with all the other places in the area that have the names of people who started them. He is not a Bellamy, but he is a man who loves food enough to start making it for everyone in a friendly atmosphere.
Modern Luxury, has it that the restaurant is a bistro that was made to make people feel at home, and it still offers food that is of a much higher class than what people might expect in the Escondido area. Brian Bonar wants to make his restaurant accessible to as many people as possible, and he thinks that he can do that by making sure that people can get the best food possible in a place that feels like the down home diner they used to eat in a long time ago,

Brian Bonar is doing his best to fit in in the small towns of the San Diego area, and he is starting a nice ranch outside the city that is going to allow him to host events with the great food that he plans on making. He even said that he is trying to build a sort of dream kitchen that is going to bring him and his best chef out to the ranch. It will just be another place where he can give people the best food while making them feel comfortable.

Bellamy is already a great lunch and dinner haunt for people who live in the area and want to stay true to a place that was built in the spirit of Escondido. Brian Bonar is totally sold on the way that people live in San Diego, and he is making sure that people get that idea when they come to his restaurant. That is the only goal because he already has the best European food to be paired with traditional food that people would find in a bistro.

Brian Bonar is a restaurant owner who wants to be much more connected to his community than the average owner. He has made sure that he is making the best food, but he is also making the best place for people to come and hang out. He wants people to love coming in, and he wants them to keep coming back to try all the things that are on his menu. The menu is that expansive, and it is something that everyone in San Diego needs to try at least once.

Robert Toth Joins CCMP Capital Advisors as Managing Director

CCMP Capital Advisors named Robert Toth a Managing Director on January 11, 2016. His new role with the firm entails creating new investment endeavors; value opportunities; expansion; and managing the portfolios of existing companies in industrialized and chemicals sectors. Robert joined CCMP after 10 months of former president and chief executive officer, Stephen Murray passing. Since Mr. Murray death, CCMP Capital continues to fulfill its mission to increase the growth of its management partnerships. Before the death of Mr. Murray, he closed a $3.6 billion market buyout and growth equity deal according to Bloomberg Business.

Robert Toth received an Industrial Management undergraduate degree from Purdue University. He continued his education and received a master’s degree from John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University. Earlier in his career, he was employed with Monsanto Company, Solutia, CP Kelco, and Polpore. Toth joined CCMP with 30 plus years of experience and has held executive positions, including president, chief executive officer, board member, and investment manager. Before joining Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, he served as president and CEO at Polpore for approximately nine years.

Tim Walsh, the Chief Operating Officer of CCMP Capital said that Robert Toth is an “outstanding leader and knowledgeable of strategies to grow materials and chemical companies.″ He also believes Toth is the best candidate for the job and believes he will be a “valuable asset to the firm″ and invested businesses. Toth was thrilled about the opportunity to work with CCMP and participate in the growth of partnership management groups. What inspired him to accept the offer to serve as a managing director was the proven track records of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The co-founders and investment managers of the firm has proven their ability to partner with entrepreneurs and management professionals in the industrial and chemical industries.

Stephen Murray earned an economics degree from Boston College in 1984 and five years later received a MBA from Columbia Business School. He co-founded CCMP Capital in 2006 and was named the CEO a year later. His career began immediately after receiving a bachelor’s degree working in the private equity investment industry. He resigned from CCMP last February because of unspecified health reasons and one month later died in his home. Survivors of Mr. Murray includes his loving wife, sons, mother, father, brothers, and sister.

CCMP Capital Advisors are pleased with their decision to hire Robert Toth as a managing director in the chemical industry. There are growth opportunities in the industry and Toth has the experience and background to lead the firm in that direction. CCMP had to quickly transition after the death of former CEO, Stephen Murray. The firm welcomed a new CEO, Greg Brenneman and recently a managing director, Mr. Toth.