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Avi Weisfogel – Launches new GoFundMe Campain for Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel has announced the launch of a GoFundMe campaign that he has started in the amount of $2000.00. The fundraiser and donation contributions will be sent to the Operation Smile foundation, which is a global organization that helps young children and young adults correct their mouth issues and be able to afford surgeries to correct facial deformities. The organization began in 1982 and was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee. Their first mission was established in the Philippines where they took Operation Smile oversees to help the children there. Over the years they have been able to help perform over 200,000 surgeries throughout the world. Avi Wesifogel is a practicing dentist himself, and chose Operation Smile because of their dedication and support that they provide to each individual patient. They also work with local agencies, local medical offices and hospitals and government entities to help patients get the care that they need. Among many other beneficial options, they hope to always give the children of the generation hope in their future and to never ever give up. They strive to always treat each individual as their very own, making them feel special. The Operation Smile has been such a successful organization, Dr. Weisfogel want to help dedicate donations to the foundation and hopefully help with their support.

Avi Weisfogel has many years of experience in the world of dentistry. He works in the New Jersey area where he has his very own practice and is a well know doctor in the area. He has been named one of the best surgical dentists in the area, and has continued to dedicate much of his life to working with other offices and education them on sleep disorders and how to correct them. He has a Masters Sleep program that he is highly influenced by, and had made it his mission to help educate others on the use of oral appliances to help correct their sleep disorders.

Many people suffer from sleep disorders and if he can help others know what to look for when they’re helping patients, he can help them get the much needed sleep they’re longing for.

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New Growth for Companies: The World of Video Marketing

In the 21st century, the internet and all the innovations to ordinary takes it provides have shortened the attention span of people everywhere and made the world crave entertainment and creativity. Businesses that fail to adapt are doomed to be left behind.

Talk Fusion is one company seeking to bring companies into the modern age of technology and marketing. In 2007, founder and CEO Bon Reina developed a way to embed videos into e-mails, making the ordinary dull and standard marketing message engaging. Now, there are over 1,000 templates users can choose from or customize, and multiple other companies have sprung up with the same mission, seeing how successful Talk Fusion has become.

As reported by Hello Tesla, videos included in marketing e-mails can increase revenue by 40%. It ups the rate of potential clients opening the e-mail by 20%, and doubles or even triples the click through rate of the message.

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research has expressed the effectiveness of video marketing in terms of an old adage. It is familiarly stated that a picture is worth 1,000 words. According to McQuivey, a video is worth around 1.8 million words. Videos let a company explain their brand better than words or plain text ever could. And the message will reach more people, younger generations, and generate interest and discussions across the web.

Companies like Talk Fusion bring marketing to the next level. Suddenly, companies have rekindled their creative spark, and customers are taking notice. Video marketing is absolutely necessary for companies who wish to continue to grow, and with technology making things easier than ever before, there is no excuse to not invest in it.

Handy Continues To Grow Despite Competition

Necessity may be the mother of invention but it was not the sole reason founder Hanrahan Oisin started Handy. The beginnings of Handy (formerly known as Handybook) actually started back when the founder was developing real estate during college. He saw a need and thought something could be done about it.

When Oisin started his career in London, he again saw innovations that put the spark of the idea in his mind. It was when he was earning his MBA in Boston that Handy really came to fruition. His two roommates were the motivation. One became the co-founder of the company, the other (who was really messy) became the motivation.

Oisin and his co-founder decided to drop out of college, move to New York City and commence the company. They spent the summer raising seed capital and forged out on their own. Since the inception of the company many other similar companies have tried to squeeze in on their space.

Many companies may look like Handy but fall short of the goal. Handy is unique in that all transactions take place on the web. Booking, payment, and even feedback are entirely electronic. Handy also consists of two main facets. Those are the consumer base and the contractor base. Handy does not directly offer any services, they simply manage what is available in the locations.

Handy’s main concern at present is to excel in their position at the top of the sector. They have the bulk of their income from cleaning services, but also offer handyman services which are about 20% of what they do. In their quest for growth and strength in their niche, Handy is now offering furniture purchase and assembly to its clientele. While competition may spawn up, Handy is unconcerned with competing and more concerned with customer perception and satisfaction.

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Beneful New Recap


Many pet owners are interested in providing the best dog food possible for their pet. There are a lot of people who are concerned about recent reports of certain dog food brands getting poor reviews from customers. Over time, there are a lot of ways for owners to make sure that their pets are getting the best food available. Beneful is a dog food brand known around the world for its great taste and quality. Anyone who wants to invest in the health of their dog needs to purchase this brand.


One of the biggest reasons why the Purinastore Beneful brand is known around the world is the quality of the dog food. There are a lot of pet owners who are willing to spend more money to make their dogs healthier. Investing in qualify dog food is one of the best things that anyone can do for the health of their pet. There are a lot of people who have had success in this area simply by purchasing this brand of dog food. Anyone who wants to take their dog food to the next level should look at Beneful. In a study conducted on dogs, Beneful was shown to be preferred by many breeds.


The health of your pet is one of the most important responsibilities as an owner. There are a lot of dogs who suffer with their health simply because they eat a lot of poor quality dog food. Beneful is the brand that dog owners prefer because of its high quality. Anyone who wants to invest in the health of their pet needs to make sure they are looking for ways to purchase quality dog food. Beneful is a great way to accomplish this goal over the long term.


There are few dog food brands in the world today with as much name recognition as Beneful. Over time, this brand has proven to be one that provides healthy food to dogs. Not only does the food taste great, but the health properties are second to none.




Argentina Is Getting Its Economic House In Order According To Hedge Fund Investor James Dondero

When Argentina defaulted on more than $82 billion in sovereign debt in 2001, that financial fiasco was considered the largest default ever. Argentina doesn’t hold that title anymore, but the country is still trying to clean up the mess that was created by the lack of foresight and fiscal responsibility that created such a debacle. The Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner administration is only partially to blame for the economic mess. The long line of Peronist leaders all share the blame, according the CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero. Dondero told that Argentina is not the same country it was under the de Kirchner administration. Highland Capital, under Dondero’s direction, bought more than $4 billion in Argentinian debt because Dondero thinks the country is headed in the right direction.

Argentina’s new President Mauricio Macri recently agreed to an expensive settlement worth more than $4.4 billion with some of its old creditors. Those same creditors refuse to restructure the original agreements in 2005 and 2010, so Dondero said that was a positive sign. And when Macri announced that Argentina was going to bundle most of their debt into bonds that would mature in 2033, Dondero knew things were looking up in the fourth largest economy in Latin America. Most of the current debt holders have agreed to the restructuring process and Dondero plans to put more money into Argentina bonds.

Dondero has an impressive investment track record especially when it comes to investing in emerging markets. Argentina wasn’t considered an emerging market before 2015, but Dondero thinks the title fits now. President Macri has put new people in place that have the experience to get the finance ministry, the central bank and other cabinet posts in order. The new people that Macri chose are actually old employees that were replaced by other administrations.

No one is expecting to see Argentina rise from the bottom of the economic pile in 2015, but Dondero thinks anything is possible in the global market these days. Argentina has a chance to take business away from other Latin American companies now that debt is being restructured. Finding new business opportunities is part of Marci’s plan, according to Dondero. Argentina’s currency is about 30 percent lower than it should be, and inflation is completely out-of-control. Unemployment is high, but Macri is asking the people of Argentina to rally around his government, and he is asking investors like James Dondero to join that rally.

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The Koch Brothers In The Operation 1888 LLC Management

Charles Koch and David Koch are estimated to be worth of $100 billion in total. Part of their wealth is what the two Koch grandsons have considered investing through a family office they have named 1888 LLC, which is a significant number of them. The office will be independent of the Koch industries, and the brothers are doing this in collaboration with the Koch is Trent May, who joined the Koch in 2011 and established 1888. The office will be liable to managing the wealth of the two brothers and also holding into consideration the taxes of the office. Also, there will be a stake in direct investments with the company and some part of stake in telecommunications.

Charles Koch is the brother to David Koch with 80 years of age. He has been a great influence on the United States politics especially with how the government is running the country. He thinks that the government is poor in handling the citizens, and even the 1930s were much better for the Americans. Koch is among the most influential wealthy tycoons, especially in political campaigns. He and his brother have been endorsing political campaigns with billions of money which he says is a strategy to protect the middle-income earners from the wrath of wealthy business people and politicians. Charles Koch also funds organizations that campaign for passing of policies considering the underprivileged in America. Over time, he has been recommending for smoother procedures in the criminal justice system so that the incarcerated can have a smoother life and opportunities after leaving the prison.

Charles Koch is now the chairperson and chief executive officer of the Koch industries the 3rd largest company in the United States. The firm deals with energy product and also manufactures environmentally friendly products like organic fertilizer, polymer and fiber. He is a good promoter of environmental policies and also funds organizations in support of environmental policies. He once received recognition from President Obama in his effort to reform the criminal justice system. Charles Koch and his brother are not supportive of corporate welfare events even when they are for the benefit of their industry. Koch says that the corporations use each other to their advantage and discrimination of the middle-income earners.


Apple Stores Are Losing Popularity


In the past, Apple stores have been one of the most popular places to shop in malls. But recently reports are showing that consumers are spending their time and money elsewhere.

Sandeep Mathrani is the CEO of General Growth Properties and says that large retail categories have shown growth with the exception of technology. Apple is the biggest reason why they are seeing a downfall in electronics sales. Apple has 268 stores in the U.S. and 206 stores in international locations. According to Forbes, the iPhone is losing popularity in China, which could be one of the reasons their sales seem to be going down.

Apple stores are a main source of sales for the company but since the company has not come out with anything too new recently, shoppers aren’t finding much of a reason to shop there. Apple sales growth has been lower than the average in malls. Right now, one of the only things driving people to the stores, is the release of the newest iPhone upgrade that can only be obtained in the store. Apple is planning on releasing plans for a new upgraded iPad air and a smaller iPhone soon according to Marc Sparks. These releases could influence consumers to visit the Apple stores.

Martin Lustgarten A Key Player In Investment Banking

Investment bankers often act as an underwriter for corporations. As underwriters, they are a go between for a company and the public. Essentially becoming a face of the company during initial offerings of securities to public purchase. They provide an assurance for those purchasing the newly offered securities of a company, that their investment will not be sold below a certain set price. A public purchaser is able to minimize their risk and often more likely to invest in new businesses. Investment bankers carry the risk. They get the payout if they are able to generate enough interest in the company’s securities to drive the prices up. If they are unable to garner the minimum amount of purchasers, they often have to sell their shares at a loss.

Notable investment banker, Martin Lustgarten ( often works with companies to provide knowledge and advice for their investment banking needs. A native of Florida, Martin’s company’s headquarter resides in his home state. Determination and hard work has allowed Martin to build his investment business from the ground up. The company prides itself on the ability to handle large and small clients with ease.

Martin is equally passionate about charitable causes and regular donates to go fund me requests. As a major player in the investment banking world, Martin still takes time to provide information on investment banking for others on blogs and various other forms of social media.

The use of Investment bankers can be helpful for business practices including mergers and trades. Acting as underwriters, investment bankers provide security when companies are making intial openings to the public. Martin Lustgarten is a key player in the investment banking world. He uses his talent and success to provide his clients with the best possible help, while also consistently donating to various charities.

Capital Strategist Sam Tabar Bringing Freedom Home

It’s not every day that an attorney and financial strategist gives you advise that could be the key to the vault. When that person shares valuable information you should listen, especially if that person is Sam Tabar. Who is Mr. Tabar? Sam is an New York based attorney and strategist who specializes in the world of finance. It’s probably no secret that you can keep up with Sam Tabar on many social media sites like Thumbtack, Twitter and LinkedIn. What you might wonder is what makes Sam so qualified to talk about the subjects he does. Sam started his career as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. He moved into business development and served as Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development for SPARX Group. Later Sam joined Merrill Lynch / Bank Of America. In his personal life Sam loves people, he loves to travel and host events. These skills only add to his skill set.

Sam understands finance. He has learned so many things over the years and continues to learn. Sam has made a career out of crunching the numbers and knowing the ins and outs of the laws. He has managed hedge funds and other roles that included endowments, pensions and more. This means that when Sam Tabar talks, he knows what he is talking about. Perhaps that is why so many people listen to what Sam has to say about investments and financial strategy. He has been in the trenches and working there to make sure his advice is tried and true for his clients.

Sam Tabar understands global economics too. He is able to speak and write several languages. English and French as well as spoken Japanese. These languages help Sam to keep up with not just the United States but other parts of the world. This is great for people who do business with Sam. Sam also believes in charity and does alot of charitable work including his GoFundMe for AWI. AWI is short for Africa Wellness Initiative. The AWI helps children in Africa that are suffering from AIDS / HIV. Sam understands the meaning of think locally and act globally. As a result he helps out in his New York community and on a world wide level.

It is easy to find out what Sam is talking about or where he is going to be speaking. You simply have to log onto his website or one of his many social media pages and see what he is up to. Do yourself a favor, regardless of how you listen to Sam Tabar, when he speak, listen because he has tons of important information to share with you.

One Woman’s Results Using Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

The Cleansing Conditioner produced by WEN by Chaz Dean was a product one woman had never tried before, but she was intrigued by an infomercial about the product. She wanted to see if it would give her hair the same look as the models showed in the video. She started using it and at the same time started keeping a detailed journal about her experience of it. She did this experiment for 7 days and gave a full report on Bustle.

The first thing that surprised her was how much Wen Cleansing Conditioner the label recommended. She went ahead and used the required amount in the shower and found that it worked better than she had expected. She was especially surprised that it worked so well on her very fine grain hair. The one issue she noticed was that her hair would feel oily if she skipped even one day of using the product.

As long as she continued to use WEN Cleansing Conditioner every day, she experienced no further problems with too much oiliness. She was happy to not have any hair loss, and in fact, actually lost less hair than she had with a different conditioner she had used previously. The woman carefully noted her results and was pleasantly surprised just how full and smoothly flowing her hair became.

Chaz Dean is an intriguing person who like many in Hollywood closely guards his privacy. However, there is much that is known about him. He is well regarded by all his movie and television star clients. Many celebrities rave about his hair creations and product inventions. Besides his hair styling genius, Chaz Dean is known on for a full line of hair care products he has produced. He is an intelligent and creative experimenter that has been seen as a most innovative businessman as well as hair stylist.