Charles Koch Understanding On University Graduations

Charles Kotch was born on November 1, 1935, in Wichita, Kansas US. He is currently residing at his birthplace in Wichita, Kansas US; married to Liz and have two children. Charles Koch studied his B.S and M.S for general engineering and nuclear and chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is an American business person, contributor and also a political donor.

Currently is the chairperson of the board and the CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. from 1967.His Koch Industries are primarily involved in refining chemicals and biofuels, fertilizers, polymers, fibers and many others. Some of his industries brands are Dixie brands of cutlery, plates and cups, Quilted Northern tissue and many others.

He together with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg penned a joint article calling on Universities across the country to uphold free speech principles and keep away from unwanted intolerance of own thinking. It is in The Wall Street Journal as an advice directed to the college presidents, boards, administrators and faculty as a whole.

Their advice was for them to avoid stifling free speech and pampering intolerance for polemical ideas which are now part of the college education and hinder human progress and joy. The sanctioning of safe rooms for speech codes lead to the creation of intellectual conformity that hinders open inquiry, debate and real learning which leads to official sanctions.

They contended that the freedom of expression had to exist in hand with the freedom to offend.

They wrote, “Colleges are increasingly shielding students from any idea that could cause discomfort or offense.” They believed that this threatened the future of higher education and the fabric of free and democratic society. This is away from colleges’ aim to expand and refine students to get open minds with questionings and not closed ones.

They argued that Americans hold on to people having equal rights, women having the right to vote and marrying freely of gays and lesbians. They said that the achievement of these views that seemed offensive was due to people engaging in free, robust dialogue with each other.

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